10 Mistakes to Avoid when Selling a Car in Dubai

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Truth to be told, most people don’t realize the mistake they are making when selling their car until it’s too late. If you are worried about making any mistakes while selling your car, then worry not. We have listed 10 common mistakes you can avoid if you plan to sell your car in Dubai.

The 10 common mistakes and how to avoid them

Are you wondering ‘what are some things I should keep in mind if I plan to sell my car in Dubai?’

Read down below to find out.

Not Knowing the Value of your car

Before you put your car for sale, the first most important thing you should keep in mind is to do your research on what the model costs in the local market. Though figuring out the value of your car is not something very difficult, it can still take a little leg work. However, this will ensure that you don’t  undersell your car. CarSwitch has developed a proprietary algorithm to arrive at a fair value for your car in Dubai. The algorithm covers GCC-spec cars in Dubai. No more guessing! Find out the price of cars in Dubai in just a few clicks.
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Spending Too Much on Repairs

In spite of the fact that getting fixes for your vehicle might allow you to sell your car at a somewhat higher price, however it will still not come close to covering what you spent on the repairs.

Skip repairs in order to avoid overspending on your car before selling it, just make sure the buyer knows about any problem that the car has and leave it at that.

Poor Advertising

Advertising/marketing is the key to sales. As the seller, it is your job to promote your car to the right people at the right place. Make sure that you create a good-quality sales copy along with good-quality pictures of your car if you are planning to sell your car online.

While writing your car’s description, highlight the kinds of things that seemed important to you when you first bought it yourself.

Not being Honest About the Condition of the Car

While selling your car, it is important that you honestly inform the buyer about the condition of the car. Not doing so could end up in a bad scenario, for example; you can get sued by an unhappy buyer if they believe you provided false information or were trying to hide something wrong with the car.

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Pretending There are Other Great Offers

If your car doesn’t not accompany any special offers, then it’s best to abstain from making it appear as though there are. It’s not difficult for a buyer to spot the ill-will of a seller. Not only would it create a negative vibe for the whole situation, but it could also cost you a decent deal.

Taking the First Offer

A common mistake that a lot of sellers make is to agree to the very first offer that comes in. Regardless of how eager you are to sell your vehicle; you might want to wait for a while to see if a better deal comes in.

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Not cleaning your car

To put it in simple words; no one wants to purchase a dirty and smelly car. The visual impact of a clean squeaky car leaves a great impression on a potential buyer. Do yourself a favor and give your car a thorough exterior and interior clean-up before showing it to a buyer.

Forgetting the paperwork

It is important to get all of the paperwork together before you list your car. You should know where the title is and get two copies of the sale bill (one for the buyer and one for yourself).

Having a copy of the sale bill is significant as the “as-is, where-is” clause represents that you are not guaranteeing the state of the vehicle. 

Getting scammed

Look out for scammers while selling your car. Unfortunately, there are several ways you can get scammed while selling your car, overpayment ploys and fake cheques are just two examples.

In order to avoid any unfavorable circumstances, it is essential to scan every potential buyer before you consider making a deal. Double check to make sure that the information they provide is authentic.

Not reading the documents before signing them

While signing the sale contract for your vehicle, it is essentially important that you carefully read the documents. Do not assume the sales contract is free of errors. Go over everything a second time if you find any errors or have any concerns. 


As long as you don’t make these common mistakes when you sell your car in Dubai, you should be just fine. Use the tips above to make sure that you strike a good deal with the buyer. We hope this guide helped you!
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