The X-Class Is the Luxury Truck Dubai Residents Would Love

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x class mercedes truck
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Mercedes-Benz brings to you the best of both worlds, the strengths of a classic pick up and the luxury and dynamic driving experience of a luxury car. With two transmission choices and an option to choose from 4 engine ranges, this truck is sure to tempt you to sell your car in Dubai and get this monstrous machine home.

Compromising on no feature this truck offers a high-torque, ladder-type frame and a six-cylinder engine. Perfect both on and off the road, this pick is designed with a suspension with wide axles and precisely calibrated springs to ensure a comfortable ride in all terrains. The three-pointed star brand has delivered yet another agile ride with accurate steering and sturdy shock absorption.

Powered by a V6 diesel engine along with 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive this truck is a beast on the road. Couple this with advanced technology like ergonomic seating comfort and infotainment system the pickup is everything you can imagine a top executive car to look like.

Available only in Germany and other parts of Europe, the appeal of this truck is sure to attract drivers in Dubai, UAE and you are bound to see the X-class there sooner than you can expect. In the interim, perhaps you can find someone who has imported it independently to the UAE and is looking to resell it! Perhaps slightly used, but you get your hands on the truck sooner. Keep an eye out on If we get one it will be a pre-inspected used car and so you’ll have nothing to fear.