What’s the Best Time to Sell Any Car in the UAE?

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Most people do not realize how important timing is in matters like selling your car in the UAE. The right time can make you richer, while a wrong time can make you poorer. It is very important to pitch your car in the market at the right time, which can be especially difficult when selling second-hand cars. The experts at CarSwitch.com did some research that can help determine the perfect timing to sell used car in UAE in order to ensure your pocket stays safe. 

Holidays are a big NO: It might seem logical to sell your car during the holiday season because people have much more money at hand. However, it is generally a bad idea to sell your car during this time of the year, specifically during the Christmas season. This is mainly because a huge chunk of the population in the UAE is usually here for work, these people tend to go back home during the holiday season and this is usually why the airports are packed.

Selling your car during the holiday season would mean less number of buyers available to look up your offer. When you are selling a used car, your buyers should be a large audience so you have choices to pick from.  

Do your homework: Search around, are manufacturers in your area running special promotions and discounts? Usually once a year, auto-markets in UAE are especially generous towards the buyers, they offer packages like monthly installments, extended periods of warranty, zero down payment on specific cars and even free insurance policy! In the midst of these exciting offers, a buyer is less likely to want to take up your offer.

These special offers usually come around the same time as holiday season. It’s important to avoid selling your used car during this time because you are unlikely to get a good offer. 

Keep an eye out for when your car’s warranty expires: In case you have bought your car from a manufacturer in UAE, it is likely that you have been awarded a standard warranty that lasts up to at least three years. If the car you intend to sell still has a valid service contract, you must sell it at the earliest. A vehicle that comes with a warranty is much preferred over a car without a warranty, a valid warranty can attract good offers from many buyers.

People who buy second hand cars usually look for a car with warranty since this ensures that the seller is not trying to conceal any defects that have not been covered by the warranty. 

When does the new model come out? In order to get the best offer, you should try to sell your car before its new model is out. This is because car manufacturers usually alter the exterior and shape of cars about every 5-6 years. Cars that are out of date and have old shapes lose value over time. You should aim to sell your car before the manufacturer does completely revamp the shape of the new model. 

There is no rush: Sellers who sell their car in a rush often end up regretting it later on because they realize they sold their car at a much less price than what it was worth. You should search up about car valuation online. Before selling your car, it is important to carry out background research. Ideally, you should devote a good 2-3 months to gain an idea of the price you should sell it for, this can be done through checking out advertisements on appropriate platforms. You should always negotiate with a buyer a deal that suits you both. 

What is the safest way to buy and sell vehicles in Dubai, UAE?

You should take extra care when it comes to choosing the best platform to buy and sell cars. You should try tried and tested platforms like CarSwitch.com compared to traditional dealership avenues. Choosing a trusted platform will help you avoid unnecessary complications and hassles. This will also save time for both the parties involved. Moreover, on platforms like CarSwitch.com the entire process is transparent. You can read up hundreds of reviews from trusted customers regarding their experiences with CarSwitch.com. 

Why is the resale value of your car important in the UAE?

Most people are oblivious to the resale value of their cars. A statistic that will help you realize its importance is that a second hand car in Dubai can easily depreciate by around 25-30 percent in the first year of its use. However, there are other cars as well that are considerably well at retaining their worth. Nissan Patrol holds about 85 to 88 percent of its resale value even after a year, the resale value varies from car to car. It is important that you invest your hard earned money in cars that retain their resale value for longer periods of time.

An extensive study undertaken by CarSwitch.com highlighted the cars in UAE with the most profitable resale value. These cars include Ford Edge, Nissan Patrol, Lexus IS, Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Nissan Sentra.

Which is the best selling car manufacturer in Dubai?

In an exhaustive study, CarSwitch.com went through heaps of data to determine the greatest selling car brands in Dubai. It was found that Toyota Land Cruiser is the best selling car brand, this was closely followed by Toyota Camry, Toyota Yaris, Nissan Sentra, Mitsubishi Lancer, Nissan Sunny and Toyota Corolla

What is the most trusted website to sell your car on in Dubai? 

If you are confused about where to sell your used car in UAE, you should definitely consider CarSwitch.com. This website ensures that you sell your car for its most appropriate price. The entire procedure is transparent, so you get the most money for your car. CarSwitch.com helps you reach the maximum number of trusted buyers to secure the best deal for your car. There is no unnecessary hassle. 

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