Production of Volkswagen Beetle Comes to an End!

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Have you been planning to sell your car in Abu Dhabi to buy the iconic Volkswagen Beetle? Sadly, it’s time to bid farewell to this legendary car after eight glorious decades. The final Beetle rolled off the production line in Pueblo, Mexico in the presence of many proud workers of the factory.

It has been a cultural icon from its initial years and is one of the most loved German cars worldwide. Soon after its import begun after World War II, it gained immense popularity in the US and was known as the hippie-car. This car also played a major part as Herbie in the movie love bug and till date, is considered one of the best classic cars in a movie

The most glorious era for the Volkswagen Beetle was the time between its inception till its production came to a halt in 2003. Almost 21.5 million units of the first generation were sold in these years. After 2003, it was a rocky road ahead for this love bug. 

The Beetle was resurrected in 2011 with the introduction of the third generation Beetle. This one was an amalgamation of the classic beetle looks and modern technology. The third generation focused less on it cutesy appeal. It had a more aggressive appeal which seemed to be the need of the hour. 

Even though, this Beetle was able to gain a little momentum in the US, the global sales were barely enough. The production for this Beetle became limited to their factory in Mexico only.  As the consumer demand shifted from sedans and hatchbacks to SUVs and fuel-efficient rides, the Beetle’s functionalities became almost redundant. Moreover, it required more than 50% of the work to be done by hand. Hence, the profit margins fell along with the sales. 

Volkswagen even tried to experiment with special colors and editions but they had little impact on its sales. Hence, Volkswagen had to put an end to the production of the beloved Beetle. 

Nevertheless, the Volkswagen Beetle has a marvelous history and deserves a place in the museum. The final Denim Blue Beetle will be put up for display in Volkswagen’s museum in Puebla, Mexico. Whereas, there will only be 65 units of the Volkswagen Beetle Final Edition. It will be sold online in Mexico with a price tag of $21,000.

Reportedly, Volkswagen will be working on a new compact SUV after this. For sure, it won’t be able to replace the legendary Volkswagen Beetle and the nostalgia that came with it. Volkswagen isn’t the only one cutting its losses as Audi is also letting go of the beloved Audi TT. Soon, many others might follow them to move on to more futuristic vehicles such as the Volkswagen I.D Buggy Concept. 

Some of you might be wishing to sell any car in Abu Dhabi to get your hands on this final edition of Beetle, but it might not make it to the UAE. If you’re still craving the nostalgia, your best shot might be buying a used Volkswagen Beetle for sale through!