The Most Extreme Things Brought to Test Drives!

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For people who are interested in buying a new or used car in Sharjah, it is important to know how compatible it would be with their overall lifestyle. This is one of the reasons why many car buyers bring everyday as well as unusual items when they test drive a vehicle.

And here’s where things can get a bit weird and wacky!

A mattress, a pair of parrots and even 12-foot snakes have made their appearances in dealerships when people come to test drive vehicles. The unusual items were revealed after a study was conducted in which thousands of used car dealers were inquired about the weirdest things brought in by their customers.

According to the dealers, many people brought their pets including cats, fish, snakes, a Great Dane and even a horse to the test drive! 

And we are not even done yet! Some customers saw it fitting to even bring the ashes of their dead relatives for the test drive. To ward of the evil spirits surrounding the hefty price tags maybe?

These items also depend on the profession of the driver. Musicians often bring their instruments with them, such as a cello, a drum kit, double bass and even something as exotic as an accordion. 

Well, here is’s top 5 list of the most strange!

  1. A “lucky” egg: The top slot has to go to the egg keeper. Instruments? We understand. Pets, we welcome. But a lucky egg? We all know those only belong in the Pokemon Go games!
  2. A horse: We don’t even have to explain this one.
  3. A rifle: Why? So you could scare the dealer away and run away with the car?
  4. A 12-foot snake: We actually applaud this one. A car with a 12-foot reptile will probably remain mess-free since sharing space with a reptile is a no go for many!
  5. A mattress: Unless you are planning on shooting “cheaper by the dozen” in the car, there is no rational reason we can think of for this one.

Even though we did scratch our heads over some of the extreme choices, the findings can help the auto industry in peeking into the minds of their consumers.

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