Some of the Best Engines you can Buy

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Although internal combustion engines are an extinct species, the automotive power plants of diesel and gasoline are striving to be more effective and eco-friendly. The engines in this list not only generate extraordinary performance and personality, they wear many types of configurations. Although most examples are turbocharged, these are the public’s favorite production engines. Are you interested to sell car in UAE, waste no time visiting the CarSwitch website. 

Audi Turbo 2.5 liter in-line-5 – Equipped in Audi TT RS & Audi RS3

Exuding charisma, this one was introduced in 2012. Not only does it produce 400-hp at 7000rpm, it sounds purely unique due to the 5-cylinder design. This was the first gas engine to utilize a compact graphite iron cylinder block but it’s composition isn’t that exotic. However, it’s turbocharger delivers 19.8 psi. 

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BMW twin-turbo 4.4 liter V-8 – Equipped in Lots of Vehicles

This is the biggest twin-turbo V8 on this list but it lacks a bit in power. But it makes up for this in being super smooth. The all-aluminum DOHC engine goes back to 2009 and it was the pioneer in adding turbos in the V of the engines. 

Lots of BMWs are fueled by this engine. It’s called N63 and offers 523-hp at 5500rpm. However, the S63 model pumps out 600 ponies at 6000 rpm due to its cross-bank exhaust manifold and twin-scroll turbos. When it comes to Competition models, the power is boosted by 617-hp.

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Chevrolet 6.2 liter V-8 – Equipped in Chevrolet Corvette

Behind the front row lies the legendary naturally aspirated 490-hp 6.2 liter V-8 engine. You will not find any other pushrod engine that achieves a 0-60 mph distance in 2.8 seconds. This speed is witnessed in it’s Z51 package though. Even the more expensive cars can’t beat Chevrolet in this matter. It’s forged crankshaft and 11.5:1-compression-ratio pistons are a few reasons behind this stellar performance.

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Ferrari twin-turbo V8 – Equipped in 5 Ferrari Vehicles

When this 3.9 liter engine was fitted in the middle of 488 Pista, the output had significantly increased. In 2019, the power output jumped from 500s to 710 ponies at 8,000 rpm. This was possible due to the new flywheel, a big deduction in rotating mass, a lighter set of titanium rods and crankshaft. The compression ratio was also increased, new Inconel exhaust, aggressive cams and shorter intake runners were added. In the wild Stradale, the total output is 769 hp. 

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Porsche 4-liter V-6 – Equipped in Porsche 718 Cayman GT4, Porsche 718 Spyder

This is not an inferior version of the engine utilized in GT3 RS and 911 GT3. The company decided that 4 liters was way too expensive for the 718 siblings. Moreover, stuffing it’s dry sump oiling system in the mid-engine Cayman and Boxster would be too complicated. Instead, this is a stroked variant of the turbo 3 liter V6 utilized in 911 models. 

This naturally aspirated engine displays variable camshaft timing, 13.0:1 compression ratio and resonance flaps in the intake manifold that open to offer extra air to the combustion chambers. Peaking 414 horses at 7600 rpm, and 309 pound feet of torque at 5000 rpm, it growls similar to any other Porsche. 

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