Abu Dhabi Cars May Be Seized For Not Doing This

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The next time you are driving around Abu Dhabi, UAE, you will need to be extra careful! The traffic authorities in Abu Dhabi have issued fresh warnings for certain kinds of drivers and they could be in huge trouble if they avoid this warning. In fact, if they do this, their cars might be seized, whether they are new or used cars in Abu Dhabi. CarSwitch brings you the scoop.

Motorists driving on the hard shoulder, beware! The traffic authorities in Abu Dhabi mean business and harsh fines will be imposed on those caught driving on the hard shoulder, especially if you end up blocking the way of emergency vehicles. It’s deemed an uncivilized action since it might result in ambulances or other emergency vehicles not reaching an accident or an emergency scene on time, potentially resulting in loss of lives.

Did you realize that when you see an emergency vehicle and still fail to give way, you might be endangering people’s lives? In the last year alone, 97 cases of drivers not giving way to ambulances were observed in the UAE.

According to the new traffic amendments introduced in July, the fine for driving on the hard shoulder has increased from AED 600 to AED 1000 plus six black points against the offender. If you are caught blocking an ambulance on the hard shoulder, be prepared to be slapped with an AED 1000 fine instead of AED 500, as well as four black points. Your car will also be seized for a period of 30 days! That ought to deter motorists from the said action (hard shoulder driving) if nothing else.

Meanwhile, the Abu Dhabi police have also introduced several awareness campaigns to teach public the importance of giving way to ambulances. These campaigns also educate them on how to give first aid when someone’s in an accident or falls ill.

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