Required Documents in the UAE to sell a Car

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There are numerous justifications for selling a car:

  • When a new model is released on the market, the majority of them decide to sell the old one because they want to buy the new one.
  •  In times of financial hardship, some people wish they could release the car’s funds.
  •  It’s time to sell your car if it needs a lot of maintenance.
  •  And if you’re leaving the country and won’t need it anymore, or you’ve opted to use public transportation to get around the UAE.

People believe that selling something is a really difficult undertaking, especially when it comes to items like cars. They believe it to be manual labor. However, that is untrue, especially in the UAE where there is still a need for old cars and a sizable used car market. Therefore, selling a car would not be a difficult task. Because there are always buyers of used cars if you want to sell your car in the UAE. Let’s look at how simple it is to sell a car in the UAE now.

The transfer process may call for the following documents.

  • Registration Card 
  • Valid Driving License 
  • Emirates ID or Passport and Visa
  • A Copy of the New Insurance from the Buyer  

Registration Card

Renewal of a Car Mulkiya is a reasonably easy process. You must have the authorities settle all outstanding debts before testing your car at the test facilities. This article explains how to renew your car’s Mulkiya in the UAE and how to order a Mulkiya copy online in Dubai. The Mulkiya is a crucial document for vehicles. Typically, a tangible card called a Mulkiya is given to the vehicle. In addition to the actual card, you can obtain a copy of the Mulkiya online in Dubai by going to the RTA website or the Dubai Police App.

  • Sign in to the Dubai Police App or the RTA website.
  • Click on the “car details” link.

You receive information about the Mulkiya, including its expiration date.

A Valid Driving License 

After passing a driving test, an individual is issued a driving license, proving that they are authorized to drive. Customers, residents, and citizens may apply for a new driver’s license and a driving instruction permit if they are older than the legal age and in good health. There can be a minimum age limit, depending on the kind of vehicle you are applying for a license.

If you live in the UAE and want to drive in Dubai, you can apply for a driving license following the requirements for doing so. However, if you already possess a driving license from your home country, you may be eligible to exchange it for a driving license issued in the UAE under the terms and conditions that have been approved by the UAE.

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Emirates ID or Passport and visa 

Emirates ID is the identity card that the government of the UAE issues to its citizens and residents. All residents and nationals of the UAE are required to apply for an Emirates ID. All residents and citizens of the UAE are required by law to obtain one and keep it on them at all times. When using an Emirates ID,

  • to get government services
  • to vote in the elections of the Federal National Council
  • as a travel document for UAE citizens to travel within the GCC
  • as a document to pass immigration through the gates and smart gates at several airports in the UAE.

ICP states that it is illegal to take another person’s Emirates ID card. Businesses are not permitted to deny customers, visitors, or employees access to their Emirates ID cards. Only the ID cards’ personal information may be taken. Cardholders should report violations to the appropriate authorities in the legal system.

A passport is a legitimate, government-issued travel document that reveals a person’s identification. It permits to travel to and from foreign countries as well as access to consular services while abroad. The document attests to the holder’s nationality and personal identification. Passports typically include the holder’s full name, picture, birthplace, date of birth, signature, and passport expiration date. While national governments normally issue passports, several subnational governments have the authority to do so for residents living inside their borders.

A copy of the New Insurance from the Buyer  

You must transfer your auto insurance to the new owner if you sell your vehicle. Insurance is tied to the car, not the car owner, according to the rules set forth by the UAE insurance regulator. A predetermined number of days must pass before the new owner submits the vehicle ownership certificate and notifies the transfer of ownership. The transfer of the auto insurance will come next. As quickly as possible, the insurance should be transferred. If a car accident occurs while driving and the car insurance is not transferred to the new owner, the insurance provider will not pay any claims. The name of the car owner and other information, such as the registration certificate and insurance policy paperwork, do not match the identity of the new car owner, which is why the insurance company does not pay claims.

As soon as the car is sold and the paperwork for car ownership is finished, the process of transferring car insurance should be started. The transfer of auto insurance is relatively easy once the vehicle has been transferred and the new owner has received the certificate of ownership. Just a few papers are needed to sign and finish the paper formalities.

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