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Car Repair & Maintenance

Ignoring Car Repairs May Get You Pulled Over

While you may be tempted to delay vehicle repairs, it is never recommended. Not only can this undermine your safety it can also decrease...
1 min read

Simple Steps to Repair a Used Car’s Bumper

The bumper of your car is most prone to damage during accidents. If you recently had an accident and the damage to your car...
Mehwish Rana
3 min read

Car Repairs You Shouldn’t Do Yourself in Dubai

Buying a car a Dubai, UAE is a tough choice to make but maintaining your car may not be as easy as well. DIY...
Mehwish Rana
2 min read

Repairs You Shouldn’t Try on Your Car in Dubai

Those looking to sell their used car in Dubai should definitely repair their cars before handing them off. Though, many times DIY car repairs can...
Mehwish Rana
1 min read