Rash Driver Sentenced: Clean Abu Dhabi Streets

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Rash driver of used car in Abu Dhabi sentenced to clean streets !
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Driving used cars in Abu Dhabi rashly can have serious repercussions. Time and time again, Abu Dhabi Police has issued warnings and fines to careless drivers. However, one of these reckless drivers was given community service for brash driving and damaging public property. CarSwitch.com brings you the details.

Recently, Abu Dhabi Police received a video which was circulating on social media accounts. In the video, an individual was seen driving a used car in Abu Dhabi without a silencer and destroying roadside plants as well as street furniture. Abu Dhabi Police also pointed out that these offences were committed in the presence of a passersby. Hence, the incident was recorded and uploaded online.

Apart from breaking these laws, the young driver jeopardized the lives of others on the road. The youth was arrested and had to face Public Prosecution. 

Traffic fines are inevitable in this case. S,o he faced a fine of AED 2000, 23 black points as well as 60 days of vehicle impounding. In such cases, the perpetrator usually has to face jail time, but this miscreant was sentenced to community service. The community service consisted of cleaning the street, mend the damaged infrastructure along with re-landscaping the traffic island. 

Abu Dhabi police as well as police from all emirates have always emphasized on following traffic laws to avoid fines. Parking incorrectly, distracted driving, not giving way to school buses and racing on UAE roads is already subject to fine. The same goes for careless driving and damaging public property as well as putting the lives of road-users in danger. 

Hence, Abu Dhabi Police has once again emphasized that drivers of used cars in Abu Dhabi who cause damage to property will receive similar punishments in the future. They also mentioned that residents posting these videos on the internet will face the same consequences. So drive carefully! 

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