Revealed: the Kings of the Road in the UAE

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The new 2018 models are now on showroom floors and the used car market value shift has begun. With that, the UAE’s first certified used car online platform that handles hundreds of customer buy and sell requests every month, reveals the most popular used car makes and models people in Dubai are looking to sell!

Japanese makes continue to rule the used Jungle with Toyota and Nissan strongly contending for top place boasting 10-11 percent share each. The leader for Toyota is the Land Cruiser which when combined with Prado represents 25 percent of all Toyotas, also marking Toyota’s SUV prominence in the UAE. Toyota Corolla, Yaris, and Camry follow with 35 percent share of Toyota. Nissan displays similar trends with their flagship SUV, the Nissan Patrol, representing a whopping 30 percent share of all used Nissans in the market. Given its considerably higher price point relative to mass Sedans, this suggests that while Toyota wins the volume game, Nissan leads in the value dominance game.

German engineering is not trailing too far behind with used BMW and Mercedes occupying 3rd and 4th places (9 percent market share each). BMW’s top model was the mighty X5 while Mercedes led with the executive’s choice, the E-class. An interesting play off of SUV versus Sedan dominance similar to Nissan versus Toyota. One wonders who is leading the value versus volume game. Finally, the American Ford retained the final spot in the top five with 8 percent share thanks to its ferocious Mustang, followed by Mitsubishi (4%), Chevrolet (4%), and Porsche (4%).

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