Test Drive of 2021 Nissan X-Terra in UAE

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If you keep track of automakers and news in the car business, you must remember the Nissan X-Terra. X-Terra was first launched as a fellow model of the previous body-on-frame Pathfinder which was a fun and more talented vehicle. 

Pathfinder also took on the Toyota FJ Cruiser and Jeep Wrangler. The sister model of Pathfinder was revealed in bright colors and it was a smaller vehicle as compared to the Pathfinder. However, both of these vehicles were based on versions of the Nissan pickup platform. Suddenly, X-Terra was cancelled some years ago but it’s finally back now. It is now a totally different beast on the road and has a hyphen in the name as well. If you want to purchase a used Nissan X-Terra in UAE, check the CarSwitch website.

Relation to the other model

Since the Pathfinder is on the crossover segment, there was still a need for a standard off-roader vehicle in the Nissan lineup. This gap is filled by the brand new X-Terra. It is based on the Navara pickup platform. 

Although X-Terra is not the kind of off-roader which is driven in the deserts (much disappointment to the fans), it still attacks the far wider segment which is dominated by the 2.7 liter Toyota Fortuner. 

This segment is a major prospective market for those drivers who do not need much speed and are searching for an affordable routine vehicle but can also take their family members to desert adventures. 

Exterior and power 

The midsize Nissan X-Terra boasts an old school appearance. However, it’s conservative design should be attractive to the targeted audience quite well. At the minimum, it is similar to Patrol when it’s coming up in the rearview mirror of lazy drivers. 

But with this vehicle, you most certainly won’t be spending too much time in the fast lane. It is fueled by a 2.5 liter, 4 cylinder engine which pumps out 165 horsepower and 241 Nm of torque. 

It is obviously not in the fast category but it’s capable of easily cruising once the driver is already up to speed. When you have to overtake, it requires preparation and as for uphill terrain, there is a need for a few downshifts to max out the revs. 

However, the 7-speed automatic transmission is sufficient for that requirement. On the highway drive (which also consists of many mountain roads), the average of 9 litres over 100 km (11.1 km/ litre) is obtained which is highly impressive for this size of SUV. 

How the ride feels

In the case of perfectly paved roads, X-Terra rides quite well even with the bigger 18 inches of alloy wheels. The cabin isolates much of the noise and the engine noise only disturbs slightly when the throttle is floored. 

For most of you, the refinement of the drive will exceed your expectations. X-Terra can easily drive on multilink live axle rear with coil spring and independent double wishbone front suspension. 

The vehicle sticks to its truck roots with the stable high ratio steering that gives tighter moves. The handling feels a bit top-heavy but that does not make the body motions shaky. It’s braking system is adept so overall, the ride is perfectly attuned to be a daily go-to vehicle. 


The cabin is sculpted within class standards which means you will get sufficient hard plastic, leather upholstery and padded armrests. Superior tech features are standard such as the 9 inches of touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, 7 inches of LCD screen situated between the gauges, smart key with remote start, wireless charger, 360 degree parking cameras, navigation system, sunroof, strong dual zone AC with vents in all 3 rows and much more. 

You can give entertainment to the children on long travels by fixing the two aftermarket Android tablets at the front headrests. In the first and second rows, enough space is given but the third row has a hard time in fitting adults. 

This means that if you’re 6 feet tall, legroom and headroom won’t be sufficient for you in the last row. However, the second row can be easily folded, reclined and slid which allows the middle row to offer space in the third row. 

Final words

While the new X-Terra is not rough and tough off-roader, it can pummel through rocky terrain, sloping mountains and sand with the part-time 4-wheel drive, low range gearing, huge tires and excellent ground clearance. 

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