Mclaren Senna GTR Unleashed with Power Packed-Specs!

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Remember when talked about the fiercest face-off between two legendary car powers: McLaren’s Senna Vs. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ? Well, looks like that face-off could very well happen since Mclaren Senna GT-R has finally been launched! The British car for sale, the legendary Senna GT-R, has definitely gone above and beyond our expectations and it is just as fierce as we imagined.

Is the horsepower as good as claimed?

McLaren wowed us all a year ago when it claimed to launch a power-packed Senna with 814 hp and it looks like the production car does have 814 hp. It’s powered by the twin-turbocharged V-8 and comes with a revamped wing and exhaust system. This means that the Senna produces 800 Nm of torque with an 814 hp.

Active aerodynamics

Like the standard Senna, the GTR features improved aerodynamics. The aerodynamics are capable of eking out 1000 kg of downforce at a speed of 155 mph. Upgrades of the new and improved GTR include a rear diffuser, a renewed front splitter, dive planes for the anterior bumper and a new LMP-1 style rear wing.

The car breathes power to its wheels through a seven-speed automatic transmission. The final model comes in three modes; “Race”, “Track”, and “Wet”. The wet setting is a newer development for the GTR and is designed to be used in wet weather conditions.

The design is stripped of “extra weight”

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The interior is lower and wider and has had certain luxuries such as touchscreens and fancy dials cut off to ensure a 10 kg lighter Senna than the standard one. The interior gets a carbon fiber seating with a carbon trim of satin finishing. Other features include Alcantara headlining, a back digital cluster and a steering wheel inspired by GT3 mechanics. Almost every basic comfort has been done with to reduce weight; for example; there is no carpet, passenger seat, and infotainment system.

If you want a Senna GTR, then keep a million bucks, $1.4 million to be exact, at hand along with a bunch of taxes. Well, if you are still deciding, you can hold on as there were plenty of customers at the Geneva motor show to buy all of the 75 production run models! Yes, all of the Senna GT-R models have already been sold out!

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