Discover Kia Picanto 2019: An Affordable and Reliable City Car!

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Kia Picanto is a category-leading car in the UAE, thanks to its aesthetics, affordability, and robust built. The third generation Kia Picanto has now gone on sale in the country. So, if you have been thinking about selling your car and buying a new one this could be the one!

Kia Picanto’s Price

As for the price, it starts at AED 43,000 for the base models and goes up to 49,900 dirhams for the maxed out variant. If you feel Picanto isn’t the car for you, you can consider competing vehicles such as  Mitsubishi’s Mirage, Suzuki Swift, and Chevrolet Spark. However, it’s worth mentioning that over the years, the Picanto has eaten away at the share of other cars, taking the lion’s share of the market in the microcar segment.

Picanto Is Great For Drives Within The City

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The Picanto is the perfect hatchback for driving within the city. However, once you go over 80 km/h mark, the various noises can mar your experience. Truth be told, this is primarily a city car. But then again, you cannot ask for too much in this price range.

Moving on, Kia has greatly improved the quality of the latest Picanto and it hasn’t cut corners when it comes to interior and construction material. This is not to say that the build quality is premium and no compromises have been made. Of course, to keep the cost from ballooning, Kia understandably had to make some tradeoffs but the important thing is that the shortcomings are barely noticeable.

Easily Maneuverable

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Cabin space is surely something that leaves much to be desired. The Picanto is shorter and narrower than the competing cars. This means it can accommodate no more than four passengers. So, for people who have more than four family members, the Picanto might not be an option. On the bright side, the compact size of the whips makes it easier to manoeuvre and so this car might be perfect for newbie drivers as its easier to control. Add to it the fact that the car’s steering is light, and the gauges and switchgear are all easy to operate. Similarly, the ergonomics are also really good.

Picanto Packs In A 1.2-Liter Engine

The UAE variant of the Kia Picanto is underpinned by a 1.2-Liter four-cylinder petrol engine. It delivers a horsepower of 84 and torque of 122nm and features a 4-speed auto transmission. The car takes less than 14 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h.

The car features 15-inch alloy wheels which will improve grip and improve body control. There is also a small touchscreen system inside which supports Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto. A reversing camera is also part of the package. For safety, all the usual things are there such as six airbags and autonomous emergency braking (AEB).

Go for the Picanto GT if you are looking for an affordable city hatchback that looks good. However, if performance is your main concern, then maybe Picanto should be dropped off your list.

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