Electric EV6 marks the beginning of a new era for Kia

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Kia has recently unveiled the EV6, its flagship electric vehicle that will lead the company’s new assortment of zero-emission motors. The awe-inspiring model brings a brand new design philosophy that the firm hopes will mark out its new focus on EVs. The question arises at this point is how to buy electric vehicles at discounted prices if you can’t afford to buy your favorite ones. This is where the concept of used cars in the UAE comes into play. At platforms such as Carswitch, you will not only be able to buy the pre-owned cars at discounted prices but also without any hassle. Hurry up and buy your most favored car right away!

You can now say goodbye to the old days of electric vehicles (EV) with compromise. Thanks to new battery technology, drivetrain improvements and engineering breakthroughs, you can now get road-trip worthy range, power on demand and can reduce emissions and financial footprints to a great extent. 

The awe-inspiring EV6 with its crossover looks will attract one of the biggest markets for sales, but introduces a new design philosophy that the firm hopes will mark out its new focus on electric vehicles. 

Sleek design to fascinate drivers

The novel front end makes use of an evolution of Kia’s current ‘tiger nose’ grille, which it now identifies as the ‘digital tiger face’. This observes fairly simple styling options, such as a slim grille between the huge headlights and a basic bumper with a bigger lower grille. 

As far as the side look is concerned, the windows have a high line that curves up exceptionally well at the rear, while the rear is even more dramatic. The full-width taillights arch high above the bumper and roughly create a double rear spoiler effect, not too different to the Aston Martin DBX. 

Offers more space with a more sophisticated interior

Owing to the fact that the EV6 offers the same E-GMP electric vehicle platform as the Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia has successfully been able to open up the interior to offer more space than you would anticipate from a conventional combustion engine car. 

While many car producing giants lean towards minimalist interiors in contemporary EVs, the EV6 has rather a busy cabin. There’s a clear ultra-wide screen that runs from behind the wheel, where it exhibits crucial driving information, across to the centre of the car, where the infotainment display is located. 

The new awe-inspiring EV6 has quite a chunky steering wheel, while between the front passengers is an upper console with the gear selection dial and also a couple of storage solutions. Besides, it has more storage and USB slots below.

Although Kia has not disclosed any technical specifics as yet, sharing the E-GMP platform with the Hyundai Ioniq 5 makes us more informed of what to expect. In its top-spec guise, that car has a highly efficient 72.6kWh battery that should offer more than 300 miles of range and can also be recharged at speeds of up to 220kW. As far as its pricing and specification details are concerned, it is expected to release later in 2021. 

The coolest thing about driving an electric vehicle is that it brings with itself a wealth of savings and incentives for you along with zero tailpipe emissions. Not only are gasoline costs negligible with maintenance usually less frequent, but accessible government tax credits for buyers can save you even more time as well as money.

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