How to Maintain Your Car during the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Since we’re staying home due to the coronavirus outbreak, many of us aren’t giving as much attention to our car as we used to. Neglecting the maintenance of your car may result in a host of problems. The experts at, an online marketplace for certified used cars for sale in Abu Dhabi, have compiled some tips to help you keep your car in good condition.

Keep an eye on your car’s battery and tires

Since batteries lose their charge over time, you should run the engine of your car at least once a week. Even idling the vehicle is better than doing nothing at all. This way you will keep the battery alive even while staying home. Over time, tires also lose pressure. If your vehicle sits idle for a long period of time, it’s weight can lead to flat spots. So, be sure to check and maintain the pressure in your tires regularly.

What To Do If You Can’t Stick To A Weekly Drive Schedule

If for some reason, you cannot start your car every week, it’s a good idea to store it. Before storing your vehicle, you will have to make certain preparations. To maintain tire pressure during the storage period, you should jack up the car. This is done to take the weight off the tires, which slows the leakage and helps prevent tears and flat spots. If jacking up the vehicle is not an option, you should regularly check the tire pressure.

Ideally, the place where you store your vehicle should be indoors and dry. For the tires, a concrete floor is ideal. 

Keep it clean 

Even if you’re not driving your car these days, it’s still important to clean it regularly. After all, even parked vehicles can gather a lot of dust. Consider washing your car once a week and apply wax afterwards  to preserve the paint. You should also thoroughly clean the interior of your car periodically. Another great way to keep your car clean while its parked is to invest in a good car cover. 

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