Buying a Car in the UAE: Where to Start?

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Things you must know when deciding on buying a car
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Buying a car in Dubai, UAE can be a challenging task. However, narrowing down your requirements can save you a lot of trouble. See how you can categorize your demands and make a decision accordingly.

Consider your needs: What do you need a car for – speed, comfort, space, or adventure? Once you have determined your needs match them to the body type (sedan, hatchback, SUV) and potentially make (more practical or economical car to full-on luxury). Doing this helps focus your search and make the online search process more productive.

Shortlist key features: What are some of the key features that are a must for you? Do you need navigation built in or can your phone get the job done? Leather seats / sunroof / parking sensors / reverse cams? What about the latest and greatest gadgets from blind spot monitors, adaptive cruise control, birds eye cameras / etc? Make a list of must-haves to filter out the cars that just don’t cut it for you.

Make a budget: Set parameters for how much you want to spend. Do you plan to finance or settle in cash? Start saving up if cash is the way for you. And, if you plan to finance your car then check with your bank to see how much they are willing to loan out to you. Having this estimate would really channel your attention in the right direction. As a general rule of thumb in Dubai, UAE the central bank mandates that your total monthly liabilities (so any existing installments you make and 5% of your credit card limits) do not exceed 50% of your monthly income. That helps you determine how much you can go for.

Used or new?: Are you looking for a new or a used car? New is for those that don’t want to risk getting a lemon and want to be sure of the condition of the car. On the other hand, used is for those who are looking for some extra value for money. Online marketplaces like CarSwitch, of course, make the trade-off easier as all the used cars there are pre-inspected and warrantied so you get the best of both worlds.

No matter which car type you buy, CarSwitch in Dubai, UAE, is the answer. With an elaborate directory of both new and used cars in Dubai, CarSwitch is a one-click option for all your car related worries. Do check it out before you make your next purchase.