High Performance Cars in Dubai You Would NOT Expect!

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High Performance Cars In Dubai you would NOT expect!
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You can’t always judge a book by its cover , and the same hold true when you buy a used car in Dubai, UAE. Sometimes looks can be deceptive as with these five cars that may look tame on the outside, but can give most cars a run for their money on the road.  

2012- Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT: This may seem like a luxury car not suited for speed, but the V-8 engine is a powertrain with a new rear suspension and 470 horsepower. It’s fast enough to compete with the X5.

2010- Ford Taurus SHO: With an increased mass Ford has added a major increase in output to compensate for the weight. With a V-6 and 365 horsepower this fuel injection engine manifests its speed on the road without any turbo lag.

2015- Dodge Charger Hellcat: With an astonishing 707 horsepower this car is a reimagined version of the company’s previous trailblazer Hemi. Do not be deceived by its everyday sedan looks – this car is installed with 650 lb-ft torque and can light any road on fire.

2007- VOLVO S60 R: Old really is gold. This 2007 car may be a decade old, but can still ride like a queen on the road. With a 5-cylinder engine and 300 horsepower this classic Swedish car is diligently designed to match up other sport sedans of its kind.

2004- Pontiac GTO: This car is an output of a former muscle car manufacturer that has made every possible attempt to make this corvette live up to their reputation. With 350 horsepower, six speed gearbox and a V8 engine this retro car makes its mark on the road.  

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