A Step-by-Step Guide to Use the Car Jack Safely

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use acr jack safely
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Using a car jack is a simple yet tricky job. Whether it’s to change a flat tire in an emergency all by yourself or to get under the hood for some DIY check-ups or repairs before you sell car Dubai and UAE or buy a new one, it is important to use the car jack right to avoid any mishaps and injuries. Be sure to read this guide prepared by CarSwitch.com to learn how to use a car jack properly!

However, before we start, here is an important tip: Always make sure that you have the car jack and the spare tire with you at all times from the very first day you buy a car. Do not ever be tempted to take these two things out of the car and drive off without them. After all, you don’t want to be driving around with a flat tire in search of a repair shop to change your car tire. It can cause some serious damage to your car.

Once you are sure you have the car jack, check out our easy to follow step by step guide to use the car jack safely:

Step 1: Park it right and secure the car

This probably sounds obvious but it is very important to park your car in the right spot. By right spot, we mean hard solid ground where the jack will hold its position while supporting the weight of the car. If the ground isn’t hard enough, the jack might sink into the ground, turning down or tilting. This can not only hurt you but also your car and you may have to sell car Dubai and UAE at a lower price. Make sure the parking brake is engaged and then secure the car by placing something solid along the tire opposite to where you will place the jack. Use a brick, a rock, or a wooden block. If you are placing the jack under the right front tire, place something next to the left back wheel. This will keep the car from moving even if the jack gives way and tilts or worse, falls off.

Step 2: Locate the jack

When you buy a new car in the UAE, it usually comes with a jack and spare tire. Locate your car jack. It will most likely be in the trunk. You can use this car jack if you have got a flat tire on the road. However, if you are working on your car at home or plan to get under the hood, use a floor jack if you can. Those are more reliable and sturdier when it comes to securing the car in the air.

Step 3: Set the jack to fit under the car and then locate the jacking points

Yes, you might have to adjust the jack itself so that it fits under the car before you start. Wind it down to fit under the car easily. Once you are set to go, locate the jacking points on your car. Most cars come with strong, reinforced metal ribs that help keep the jack in place and the car in the air. Now position your car jack safely under the metal ribs and make sure to fix it properly. You may need to take a good look at your owner’s manual at this point to make sure you are doing it correctly.

Step 4: Jack the car up

Once the jack is secure in its place, start jacking up the car in the air. Move the jack handle clockwise slowly to get the car up in the air. Make sure the jack is positioned right as you don’t want the jack falling off or tilting. To be extra careful, you can use a jack stand to keep the car securely in position. Once the car is up in the air, you are ready to change the tire or even get under the hood.

Step 5: Lower the car down

When you are done, simply wind down the jack handle in the opposite direction i.e. anticlockwise to get the car back to the ground. When the car is firmly back down on the ground, remove the jack, and secure it back in its storage location. Once done, you are all set to go. Just don’t forget to remove the block or brick you placed to secure the car in place.

Follow these simple steps to use a car jack safely and change your flat tire or go under the hood for self-checks and repairs without worrying about hurting your car and yourself.

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