Guide to Online Registration for Abu Dhabi Tolls!

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Guide to Online registration for Abu Dhabi Tolls for used cars in Abu Dhabi
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Drivers of new and used cars in Abu Dhabi, get ready to pay road tolls! The toll gates in Abu Dhabi will go live in October, and motorists across the UAE can now register to pay their road tolls through a webpage set up by the Integrated Transport Centre. Here is CarSwitch’s guide to how to register for Abu Dhabi tolls online.

After the activation of the road tolls system on October 15, car owners will be liable to pay tolls while crossing four bridges, which are Mussaffah Bridge, Shaikh Khalifa Bridge, Shaikh Zayed Bridge and Al Maqta Bridge. All these bridges connect Abu Dhabi Island with the mainland.

As mentioned before, an online webpage ( will be set up soon by the Emirate’s transport sector regulator, The Integrated Transport Centre. This webpage will require motorists to make an account by providing their car license number plate details, mobile number, email and their Emirates ID. Moreover, the webpage will also contain all details about this new system in the Emirate.

Accounts will be created automatically for Abu Dhabi registered vehicles and their owners will receive account details through SMS on their mobile number, registered with the Abu Dhabi Police.

The registration is for vehicles registered outside Abu Dhabi. The registration cost of a vehicle is AED 100. However, officials have previously mentioned that as a balance to pay road tolls, AED 50 will be transferred back to the user’s account.

Toll charges

During peak hours between Saturday and Thursday, drivers will have to pay AED 4 to cross the gate. On the other hand, AED 2 will be charged at off-peak hours, public holidays and Fridays. The peak hours fall between 7am to 9am and 5pm to 7pm from Saturday to Thursday. The daily maximum toll has been set at AED 16 per vehicle.

Fines and penalties

Ensure that vehicles from outside Abu Dhabi are registered before or within 10 days of crossing a toll gate in order to avoid fines. After the 10-day grace period, motorists will have to pay a fine of AED 100 for the first day, AED 200 for the second day and AED 400 for the third day. These fines have a maximum limit of AED 10,000. 

Additionally, a grace period of five days will be given to the owners of vehicles registered outside Abu Dhabi to top up their account balance. Those who do comply with this, will be liable to a daily fine of AED 50. However, owners of used cars Abu Dhabi can settle their unpaid tolls upon annual vehicle registration renewal.

So, get ready to pay tolls on your used cars Abu Dhabi this October. Also, be sure to follow the above instructions to save yourself the hassle. If you’re looking to buy a used car in Abu Dhabi, you can find a variety of options on!

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