Your Guide to Buy a 7-Seat SUV in Abu Dhabi

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7-seat suv in abu dhabi
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Car purchases are an important decision and must not be taken lightly. If you are planning to buy a car in Abu Dhabi, be sure to consider a seven-seat SUV as it offers many benefits. The exports at CarSwitch have compiled a list of factors you should keep in mind when shopping for a seven-seat SUV.

Third Row Checks

The SUV you are considering should ideally give you the option to split the third row. Additionally, you should be able to fold the seats into the floor and not up to the sides. The reason behind this is that side-fold seats reduce cargo space and visibility. It would be a plus if you can get third-row child restraint points when you buy a car in Abu Dhabi. The third row must also have some form of ventilation. And lastly, make sure that side airbags extend into the third row. 

Child Restraint Points Accessibility

Speaking of child restraint points, make sure they are easy to access. The best place for them is the back of the seat, preferably near the top, so that you can get to them easily. If these restraint points are elsewhere, such as at the base of the seat, or on the roof, it would be a mess to get to them. 

Space Behind the Last Row

If you plan to ferry around seven people, chances are you would be carrying some luggage too. This makes some space behind the third row essential. Seven seaters which are around 4700mm long usually don’t offer any space. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives such as a roof basket, roof pod, or a small trailer for keeping stuff. 

Operable Seats

Make sure the seats are easily operable so that only minimal effort would be required. Operating them should be instinctive and obvious. A good idea is to take a friend with you who has no prior experience of operating seats on an SUV. 

Adjustable Seatbacks

You should also ensure that your next prospective SUV has adjustable seatbacks and fore/aft adjustment. This is important so that you can trade space between the rows. To some extent, this could also be done by adjusting the seat back angles. The first row is guaranteed to have an adjustable seat back angle, but the second and third-row may not offer it. 


You will need two upfront at minimum, one in the second row, and the other in the third row. Not all SUVs will give you the second or third-row options. 

Split Second-row 

The SUV should also provide a flat load space when the floor folds down and the second row should latch down. Some models have an uphill gradient which means you wouldn’t get a flat floor space.  

Of course, there are a host of other things that you need to look at before getting an SUV. Make sure the visibility is good, especially for the second and third-row passengers. The SUV should also have a good lighting system.  

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