Unveiling of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

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The original Ford F-150 SVT Lightning, having a sport truck design with excellent performance, was a legendary vehicle. Now, Ford has unveiled the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning EV which is made to recapture the magic of the previous generation of F-150 Lightning. 

This new generation is an all electric powertrain which has a driving range of 300 miles and a starting price of $39,974. For the purpose to sell any car in Dubai, visit our CarSwitch website. 

Recharging the Lightning

A standard mobile charger will be used for recharging. The SR trim comes with a 12-amp and 120 volt version which adds 3 miles on each charging hour and the ER trim gets a 32-amp and 240 volt version that adds 21 miles. 

The SR can also be charged at home with a station which fulfills the 100% battery in 10 hours whereas the ER takes 8 hours with it’d 19.2 kW station. As for the fast charging option, a 150 kW DC fast charging station will complete 80% charging in 41 minutes.

Ford uses the FordPass charging network which is the biggest in North America. There’s an app to schedule charging and a monitor in the infotainment system to optimize the charging route based on all factors. 


A Sync 4A infotainment and 15.5 inches touchscreen are offered in both the Lariat and Platinum trims. This infotainment is joined with a FordPass app which syncs to the driver’s phone for all functions. This app also allows route planners and charging commands. 

Moreover, a modem is provided for in-car WiFi and over-the-air software updates for the best functioning of all vehicle systems. The truck will even be capable of handling the braking, steering and acceleration on highways with the help of BlueCruise hands free highway driving assistant. 

This feature allows the driver to rest on long travels. The all-new Pro Owner Onboard system will be given as well. This is upsized from 7.2 kW output to an impressive 9.6 kW. A surprising detail is that if the vehicle is charging via the home station and the power goes out, the electricity will automatically flow through the truck to home until the power returns. However, this can only work if the home has an AC-DC inverter along with the optional Charge Station Pro home charger. 

A 240 volt and four 120 volt outlets are given in the Pro Power Onboard. The Mega Power frunk offers a total of four 120 volt outlets and two USB chargers. According to Ford, this frunk will be the biggest in the industry. 

It has a 14.1 cubic feet of storage compartment and 400 pound load capacity. The frunk can be opened via a big opening which surrounds the grille. There is a lidded bin in the floor to store small items. 

Exterior and build quality

The basic layout is identical to the original Ford F-150 but it is a modernized version. At the front, there is no big radiator which is why the grille is converted to an attractive blocking panel with mesh latticework underneath the glossy surface. 

Even the standard dynamic bending headlights have a similar shape to its older generation. In some trim levels, these lights are joined to an LED strip which surrounds the top edge of the grille panel. Wheels are given a new design and a charging outlet is available at the front fender. 

The truck is built on the all-new EV-only manufacturing facility at Rouge Complex. The construction of the Ford F-150 Lightning will initiate in the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center from the middle of 2022. This manufacturing facility is a part of the $700 million investment in the bigger complex and is also used for the construction of the traditional F-series truck. 

This factory uses a lot of recyclable and post-consumer materials. For instance, the concrete foundation was built from the demolition materials of the facility which previously used to be on the property. A heating and ventilation system is also used in the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center. This system utilizes the medium of air so that water is not used much. Almost all the heavy machinery is powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

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