Feast your Eyes on the Best Off-Roading Vehicle in 2021

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In this fast-paced world of automotive ever so often we get to see a piece of innovation so daunting yet so elegant that we can’t help but be captivated by the marvel. British Automotive Morgan has yet again astonished us with such a refined piece of machinery that breaks all laws of the off-roading concept. 

Till date the word “off-roader” always brought to mind huge trucks or 4-wheel drive SUVs with their huge tires and rugged looks, but British manufacturer Morgan in collaboration with Rally Raid UK has created such a masterpiece that breaks all laws of what an off roader should and shouldn’t be. To view pictures of this beauty, visit CarSwitch where you can sell car in Dubai .


As of today, the best off-roader of 2021 also claims the award for most unexpected off-roader is a none other than Morgan’s Plus Four CX-T the CX refers to the company’s new aluminium platform and it also happened to be Morgan’s 110th anniversary and roman numbers are still a thing, so why not and T is for Trails.

The original Plus Four is a roadster that’s been upgraded for the modern era but Morgan has certainly prioritized style over substance, it’s a sports car for rich eccentrics who crave for an antique feel of automotive, in short this is the last vehicle you can imagine getting the rally lights and big tires.  

“The Morgan Plus Four CX-T is a genuine overland adventure vehicle and I look forward to seeing the incredible destinations that owners will find themselves in”, says Rally Raid’s owner Mike Jones. 

Production and Price Tag

Morgan also revealed that this special car won’t see a full-scale production, only 8 units will be built. With a healthy price tag of £ 170,000 each for a comparison a normal Plus Four starts at £ 64,995.

Each of the 8 customers of these beauties will be allowed to work alongside Morgan’s design team to customize a perfect CX-T to their own specifications. Once the in-house job at the company’s factory in Malvern is finished each CX-T will undergo final touch-ups at Rally Raid UK to get the off-roader goodies. 

Now the price could be justified by all the razzle-dazzle you’re getting for the money, after all you get bragging rights to own one of the only 8 cars to exist, not only that but CX-T comes with both external and internal roll cage capped with a composite hardtop, now that’s something you don’t find on regular Morgans. 

Not only that but it also comes with a five-piece underbody protection system which consists of an engine guard, rear chassis guard, midsection shield and rear under tray to protect the underneath of the car from damage. 

Drive Quality and Suspension 

Now this was just the tip of the iceberg the real deal comes with a BMW xDrive electronic differential which offers Road (Fully open), All-Terrain (40% locked) and All-Terrain: Extreme (Fully locked) options specifically calibrated for off-road applications with an in-cabin switch allowing driver to toggle between the modes to achieve varying amount of torque divided between the rear wheels. 

Apart from this a high riding suspension system has been fitted with a bump clearance of 230 mm and on top of that EXE-TC coil over assemblies with internal bump stops have been developed specifically for this beauty and the lower suspension arms now contain upgraded bushes for better durability. 

The Exotic Exterior 

The most versatile part of the vehicle is it’s rear, where the Rear panel of the plus four has been replaced with an equipment rack that houses two waterproof pelican cases, two Rotopax 11 liter containers, tyre assemblies, an aluminium toolbox and two spare wheels. The external skeleton can also be adapted to carry bikes and surfboards, while the removable side screens can be mounted to the roof of the car, too. 

Other exterior chances include removable side windows and four spot lamps that have been mounted on the exo-cage come along with their bespoke leather covers. Inside it’s mostly a Morgan Plus Four with added pouches for your rally goodies and rations and dash mounted switches for the differential. Morgan plans to have all 8 vehicles complete before the end of 2021.

We are still unsure if the CX-T will be available for USA customers mainly because the company didn’t offer the price in U.S. Dollars in their press release even after their recent focus on getting more customers in states. 

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