Dubai’ans, You Might See Driverless Patrol Vehicles by 2020!

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Dubai'ans, you might see driverless patrol vehicles by 2020

Everyone is still in awe of the Dubai Police supercar fleet which has the fastest and most exotic cars but now it plans to add driverless cars to the mix as well. So, if you’re planning to buy a car in Dubai, make sure you know how to drive it well.

Dubai Police has signed an MoU with Acacus Technologies to refurbish its entire fleet by having driverless patrol cars on the roads of Dubai by the year 2020.

Acacus Technologies is a local start-up that has gained recognition for specializing in autonomous vehicles and has great plans for this new project. According to Acacus, its goal is to add self-driving functionality in the already impressive fleet of Dubai police cars and other cars, taking a step forward in making Dubai one of the smartest cities in the world. It intends to provide state-of-the art software and hardware solutions to the Dubai police.

As per agreement, this project will be conducted in phases starting from video analytics and cameras and progressing towards tracking, object identification and enhanced driverless technology. If everything goes as planned, each phase will add modern and advanced technology which might not be good news for scary drivers in Dubai.

The Commander in Chief of Dubai Police, Major-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri has stated that Dubai Police is eager to adapt to the latest technologies in order to combat crime and decrease it to make Dubai a safer city and make the region the hub of technological innovation. With the addition of this innovation and smart car number plates, things seem to be going in a very progressive direction for Dubai, UAE.

Both the parties involved seem eager to bring this idea to life as soon as possible. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to buy car, Dubai, check out which can help you buy certified pre-owned cars.