Be Careful While Driving Your Used Car in This Erratic UAE Weather!

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Abu Dhabi Police is strongly advising motorists to be careful while driving their used car in Abu Dhabi for the next few days due to unstable weather conditions. This weather might cause motorists to be more prone to accidents and can be a safety hazard. brings you the latest update.

Aligning with the decision of Traffic Safety Committee, Abu Dhabi police is urging motorists to slow down. The speed of the used car should be no higher than 80 km/h. Moreover, be aware of the dangers of tailgating and avoid driving too closely to other cars especially in this weather. Also, refrain from sudden braking.

For the next few days, ensure that you read your weather forecast before heading out. Due to rain, there can be accumulated sand on the roads. Sand can not only cause  sand damage to your car but also lead to accidents which is why it is being emphasized to follow precautions.

In this tricky weather, it is important to follow the safety rules and regulations. Carelessness in this weather can lead to fines as well as intense accidents.

Any motorist who gets into a small accident or faces mechanical failure is urged to halt on the right side of the road. This request has been made keeping in mind the safety of the drivers and to make sure the traffic flow remains smooth.

Bad weather conditions can result in accidents, long traffic halts and slippery roads. So, be ready and drive your used car in Abu Dhabi safely! Stay tuned to for information related to cars.