Tips for Driving Your Used Car Near 18-Wheelers

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18-wheelers truck
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18-wheelers are massive. To be exact, some trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. In comparison, an average passenger car is around 4,000 pounds. Thus, it’s not hard to guess who suffers the most in the unfortunate event of an accident. Usually, truck drivers are professionals and they try to ensure everyone remains safe. However, their efforts alone cannot prevent accidents and you have to play your part too., an online marketplace to sell any car in Dubai and UAE, shares some tips you should follow when driving around large vehicles:

Don’t Drive Right Next to a Big Vehicle

You don’t want to drive in parallel next to a truck as this could increase your probability of being in an accident. Large vehicles may have a blind spot on both sides and hanging out in these spots is a risk you should avoid.  

Resist the Temptation to Cut off Trucks

As mentioned before, trucks are much bulkier than passenger vehicles and thus it can take longer for them to stop. Thus, avoid cutting too closely in front of an 18-wheeler as they might not be able to stop quickly. Similarly, try not to drive immediately in front of a large vehicle.  

Don’t Drive Too Closely Behind a Truck

Tailgating a large vehicle is also not a good idea for various reasons. For instance, debris may follow 18-wheelers and could hit your windshield. In the worst case scenario, a rear-end collision could happen, especially if a truck stops suddenly if something is blocking the way. So, always ensure there is some space between a truck and your car to remain safe.  

Pass 18-Wheelers Quickly

Since there may be blind spots in a large vehicle, it’s best to get out of their way as soon as possible. Exercise extreme caution when passing them and be aware of the blind spots. 

Give Them Room to Turn

Since trucks and buses are large and long, they require more space to turn. So, be mindful of turn signals on trucks and don’t pass them when they have it on. Try stopping before stop lines at the intersection so that trucks get sufficient time to turn without harming you.  

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Know Where The Trucks are

Usually, trucks steer clear of the faster lanes. If you don’t want to be near trucks, avoid their lane. 

Don’t Text And Drive

No matter who your road companion is, you should not text and drive. You might think you can multitask, but texting takes your attention off the road and this distracted behavior can prove to be fatal. It becomes even more dangerous when you are driving alongside 18-wheelers.

Here are some driving tips to keep you safe in Dubai!

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