The secret behind the unbelievable power of Drako GTE

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Although summer is here and some parts of the world is experiencing spring in full bloom, the Drako GTE is not yet ready to let go of the cold. This legendary vehicle recently went through a winter testing and in the videos, unrivaled qualities of this electric sedan have been displayed. Want to know more? Keep on reading. If you want to sell any car in UAE, make CarSwitch your priority.

How the winter test went

The automaker gave a tough challenge to the GTE by making it go over the Continental Divide at freezing temperatures to scale the heights of 8,500 feet. The manufacturer Drako gave the driving responsibility to the racer Andy Pilgrim. He took the electric sedan to the Winter Performance Track in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. 

This winter test was meant to judge handling of this sedan at high speed. Moreover, the rally driver David Hackl had the reins to drive the sedan on ice at Georgetown Lake, Colorado. Due to the extra powerful tires of the wheels, GTE was able to boast superior grip and go on a massive drift on the frozen water. 

Extraordinary appearance

The GTE’s exterior is a visual representation of the bold emotion which comes in driving it. It’s design blends the muscular 4-seater body with the sophistication and sensuality of the authentic GT car. 

The style is expressed in the fluidity of the lines and the elegance of the surface. It looks athletic, powerful and completely planted on the ground. The front fascia is constructed with 3 air intakes that displays aggressive beauty. 

Other elements are linked to a play of lines which gives rise to signature details and slim lights. Aerodynamics have played a big role in the exterior which is obvious from the archetypal Coda Tronca rear design and fluid shapes. However, the bold diffuser in the rear and low splitter at the front characterize the real sports car DNA. 

Rich cabin 

Being an ultra premium grand touring supercar, the electric sedan comfortably accommodates a total of 4 occupants plus their luggage. It also offers sufficient legroom along with easy egress and ingress. 

Seats at the front and back are styled with a mix of Alcantara and hand stitched leather. This combo achieves the perfect balance between supportive bolstering and superior comfort. All of this guarantees high performance drive. 

In order to specifically personalize the electric sedan, customers have the choice to configure the vehicle by choosing from a big collection of raw materials, tones and finishes. 

Unbelievable performance

The Drako GTE is powered by a total of 4 electric motors, one is provided for each wheel which allows unreal turning ability on all types of road surface. This generates an incredible 1,200 hp (895 kW) and 6,491 pound-feet of torque (8,800 Nm). 

Apart from this fully electric quad motor architecture, Drako utilizes a DriveOS software to alter the power at all corners based on the driver feedback and terrain condition. This system can also do 360 degrees tank turns by spinning the right and left wheels in contrasting positions. 

The sedan comes with a 90 kW hour battery but the company has not revealed anything about the range. Moreover, a 150 kW DC fast charger and a 15 kW onboard AC charger are also available. 

The automaker states that the electric sedan has a top speed of 206 miles per hour (332 km per hour). Although there is no acceleration time measured yet, a recent video showcased the sedan winning against Tesla Model S P100D during a drag race. It’s performance is exhilarating on both track and road. The GTE redefines the modern driver experience to the next level. 

The vehicle comes with high quality components which improve performance on track and road. It’s 4-way Öhlins adjustable suspension allows unbeatable stability, best ride quality for routine driving, and full composure on the track. 

Summing it up

The Drako GTE is a driver focused supercar which offers an exciting ride with maximum safety and control. 

The automaker wishes to initiate deliveries of the electric sedan this year. Drako Motors will only be manufacturing 15 of them and it’s cost is $1.25 million.

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