Innovation and technology go hand in hand to shape the future of automotives. All those looking among used cars Dubai demand excellent tech-laden rides. This need has driven many car makers to dig deeper and come up with unique and creative technologies for cars. jots down the top technological trends that will shape the future of automotives.

1. Vehicle to Vehicle Connectivity (V2V)

As the name suggests, it simply means cars being able to communicate with each other. In this way, cars can share input on traffic, road conditions, speed or any other necessary information among each other.

This will help cars to be more vigilant and efficient and as a result will increase the safety of drivers on the road. As a result, drivers of used cars Dubai will be able to avoid the rushy roads and can overall benefit transport infrastructure. At this point, car makers are still working on making V2V work but let’s just hope to see it soon!

2. Block-chain based systems

These systems are not just beneficial for the customer but automakers can benefit from the block-chain based systems. This cutting edge technology allows distribution of information across all parties involved.  As a result, the information cannot be tampered with and is reliable.

A recent surge in the forged vehicle parts, this system can help the buyers in recognizing the authentic products through a ledger with all the necessary information. Hence, it will result in buyers being less vulnerable to counterfeit vehicle parts as well as sustaining their cars health.

3. Use of sensors

Sensors have already become a vital car technology. Lane assist systems, collision alert feature, parking sensors, driver assist feature and many others use sensors to prevent collision and help the motorists. Hence, we see progress happening on this end already. This will lead to safer and intuitive driving. Also, it will make way for autonomous vehicles to come into operation.

4. Artificial intelligence in infotainment systems

Artificial intelligence(AI) may have its pros and cons. Which is why, it requires rigorous tests before being integrated. Use of sensors is a part of artificial intelligence that will help drivers and driverless cars to be more intuitive. But that’s not all. We can see new infotainment features in almost every new model in the market.

From virtual assistance to voice commands, it is becoming a vital part of car based tech. Though, complete AI systems only exist for smart phones and smart speakers for now. In the future, this technology can result in a more responsive entertainment system. A virtual personal assistant and proactive communicator can be of great help to the drivers. Although, It is still in progress but in this era of innovation, you might not have to wait long for this tech to become commercial.

5. Augmented Reality maintenance

For now, it might seem far-fetched but we have seen it in many futuristic movies. This means car makers already have the idea. Also, the game world has already adopted to this technology and we hope that car makers are able to adopt this tech soon as well.

It will help the repairman to see the whole car and detect problems quickly and efficiently. As a result, customers can save time and keep their vehicles running longer. Additionally, it can overall enhance the car maintenance process and result in savings on the hefty amounts spent on repairs.

6. Driverless cars

All the above points lead to this very technology. Self-driving or driverless cars which can drive on the roads without human interference. If all the above technologies are effectively executed and amalgamated, it won’t be long before self-driving cars become reality. Many companies have already started testing these cars, Tesla being the first.

Of course, this technology needs to be perfected as it raises many ethical questions. Though, if tests are done thoroughly, the idea of driverless cars is going to become reality sooner than we imagine. After all, Dubai plans to add driverless patrol cars to its fleet by 2020. So, the future is almost here.

Nevertheless, there is still some time for these connectivity features become perfect and brought to the market. Till then we’ll have to make the best out of the existing used cars Dubai. Looking to upgrade your car for more features, provides pre-inspected cars that you can choose from. Happy shoppin’!