Cars That Were Cancelled Before Their Launch

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Hyping a product to such an extent that nearly the whole world is talking about and have their ears to the ground for an imminent launch is a clever tactic of most automakers. Marketing a vehicle, and boasting about its features before it hasn’t even got on the ground is something that’s happened more times than we can count, but here, we take a look at some amazing works of automotive engineering that were canceled before they could be featured among cars for sale!

  1. Mercedes-Benz 600 Coupe (1965 model)

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The Mercedes-Benz 600 was intended as a luxury vehicle from the very start. The German manufacturer attempted to capture the premium car market with the launch of this model, but the company’s plan never came to fruition. Its aesthetics would certainly make anyone filled with envy, but Mercedes believed that it needs to pool its resources elsewhere, and the Benz 600 Coupe remained in its prototype phase. The only existing example of this car can be viewed through a private collector, but they are ludicrously pricey.

  1. Ford sports car (1995 model)

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Ford wanted to showcase its 1995 GT90 concept to European car rivals and tell them how to make a supercar. If you look closely, it bears some resemblance to a Lamborghini. The GT90 was presented at the Detroit auto show and it appeared that Ford was confident with this model. Turns out the opposite happened, as the company never took it to the production line and we highly doubt that a collectable is housed anywhere in an expensive mansion.

  1. BMW M3 Compact

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Bavarian Motor Works intended to release the M3 Compact as part of its plan to venture into new car segments during the 1990s. The M3 Compact was designed to be sold to younger customers. Possibly to reduce manufacturing costs, BMW stated that the M3 Compact would feature a less powerful six-cylinder engine had the model actually gone into production.

  1. Lamborghini P140

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Work for the Lamborghini P140 started during the late 1980s, and the car was pinned to be an engineering marvel. However, only four P140 prototypes were made for internal testing, with a base price of $125,000 in 1992. Fast forward to today, adjust the aforementioned amount for inflation, and you’d be looking at nearly twice the price.  So why didn’t Lamborghini launch the P140? It ran out of cash, and demand for supercars at the stage in the market had dropped considerably, so it didn’t make any sense.

  1. Jaguar C-X75 (2010 model)

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To celebrate its 75th birthday, Jaguar introduced a futuristic concept car named C-X75 way back in 2010. It sported a turbine-electric hybrid powertrain, and enthusiasts display immense positive energy. Even then, Jaguar limited production to 250 cars. Unfortunately, global economic factors such as the recession forced the car manufacturer to cancel the project altogether. The company tried again in 2015, but the project was once more scrapped.

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