6 Terrific Car Shows on Netflix for Gearheads in Dubai!

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5 terrific car shows on Netflix for gearheads in Dubai!
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Netflix is one of the favorite pastimes for many around the globe. From movies to seasons, they have it all and guess what? They have TV shows for motorheads too! Car TV shows are absolutely fun to watch and can also give you interesting tips about your used car in Abu Dhabi. CarSwitch.com lists top 6 shows on Netflix all car fanatics must watch.

West Coast show used cars in Abu dhabi

Inside West Coast Customs

Episodes: 60

If you’re a fan of sassy car customization, this reality show is a great choice for you! Based on the company, West Coast Customs owned by Ryan Friedlinghaus they turn everyday rides in to glamorous cars. And this show tells you how. It features some excellent car customizations for clients and many of them are celebrities like Justin Bieber, Disney and Mark Wahlberg. Most importantly, it can give you some cool ideas on how to customize your used car in Abu Dhabi.

monster garage used cars in Abu Dhabi

Monster Garage

Episodes: 20

This American TV series, Monster Garage, transforms regular cars in to monster cars. The show is based on a shop known as West Coast shoppers belonging to Jesse James. The idea is to turn regular trucks or cars in to multipurpose ride. From turning Camaro in to a dirt rally car to converting a DeLorean in to a Hovercraft, their work is simply fabulous. Above all, it is a treat for those who love monster trucks!

Paul hollywood used car in Dubai

Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip

Episodes: 3

Paul Hollywood’s claim to fame was ‘The Great British Bakeoff’ in which he was a judge. In addition to being a baker, he is also a die-hard classic car enthusiast and a race-car driver. In this show, he travels through Italy, France and Germany in a variety of cars – from wonderful to silly. His fascination with cars is admirable. Moreover, he interacts with many locals on the way as well which makes the show even more interesting to watch!

car masters used car in Dubai

Car Masters: Rust to Riches

Episodes: 8

A netflix original series, Car Masters: Rust to Riches does exactly as it name suggests. Based on the Gotham Garage, Mark Towle and his team, convert rusty and wrecked old cars in to top-notch cars and sell them at a higher price. Even more, they turn everyday cars into stylish rides to make them worth almost six figures. The level of creativity by the team is certainly worth admiring!

fastest car used car in Dubai

Fastest Car

Episodes: 8

This latest Netflix original series is a reality show which shows exotic cars going head to head with modified sleeper cars.Though, these sleeper cars are nowhere near ordinary. These deceptively fast sleeper cars beat some of the World’s fastest cars. Moreover, these modified street sleepers are worth watching!
comedians coffee used car in Abu Dhabi

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Episodes: 72

This American TV series is the perfect blend of laugh, coffee and cars. Hosted by the famous comedian Jerry Seinfield, this show features a celebrity who is taken in a selected vintage car for coffee. Now, we know about Seinfield’s classic and expensive car collection which is why this show makes sense. But the combination of cars and Seinfield’s humor is the reason why this show totally rocks!

Needless to say, if you haven’t already than these shows are a must watch for all gearheads. These shows may even inspire you to buy a used car in Abu Dhabi and tweak it into something even cooler. To start off, visit CarSwitch.com to check out pre-inspected used cars at great prices!