Car Colours That Keep You Cooler in the UAE Heat

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It’s important to make sure that our cars remain cool during the summer months in Dubai. We have to consider questions like whether it’s a good idea to buy a car that has a leather interior., an online marketplace for used cars in Dubai, has compiled this guide to help out some hot and bothered buyers and sellers this summer!

Does a black car heat up more?

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It is logical to think that a white or a silver coloured car will have a lower temperature than it’s the darker counterpart. As it turns out, it is indeed true! Researchers at the Berkeley Lab Environmental Energy Technologies Division (EETD) concluded that a cooler coloured car shell reflected light more, resulting in a cooler cabin and less expenditure of air-conditioner.

A black car left in the sun had a 10 degrees higher temperature than a white car. So, we can safely conclude that a darker car gets heated up faster.

What about the interior?

Similarly, a car with a darker interior may also get more heated quickly than a vehicle with a lighter interior. And a leather interior, no matter what colour it is, will burn your body if you have parked your car under the sun for too long.

No need to blast the air-conditioner

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Research also suggests that a silver car spends around 13% less time in cooling the car than a black car. A light coloured car will reduce the need for more air-conditioner usage.

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For those of you who can’t part with the sophistication of a black car, solar reflective paint is also an option. Cars that come with solar reflective paint are likely to remain 5-6 degrees cooler than those without the SRP.

As the air continues to heat up, having solar reflective paint must become a standard for all cars. Consequently, cars would need to be equipped with smaller air-conditioners and thus improve fuel economy.

So, besides the confirmation that light-coloured cars are in fact cooler, should you sell your car with black paint and a dark leather interior? Not really. There are plenty of ways to keep your car cool. Realistically, if your car is parked outside under the scorching sun, it will get hot, no matter what colour the interior or exterior. So, we suggest buying whatever car you like.

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