If you’re planning to sell your car in Dubai, UAE, be wary of non-serious buyers who could just be wasting your precious time. Instead, look out for these signs in your buyers to filter the serious from the non-serious.

Is the buyer informed?: The buyer has done his or her homework and knows the specifications of your used car and not just the model and year, but details like the specific trim, the features, engine size etc.

Does the buyer ask questions?: Buyer is eager to ask questions that show he or she is inquisitive about the car and genuinely wants to know more about it.

Does the buyer inspect your car?: If the buyer is interested in your car he or she would have no qualms about opening that hood and diving right into inspecting the engine. If they don’t have the experience, they will at least ask if they can get the used car inspected and/or ask for the chassis number to validate history with the agency. Not to mention thoroughly checking damage, dents or rust.

Does the buyer request a test drive?: The ultimate sign of a buyer interested in your car is when he or she requests to take the car for a test run. That shows that they really want to give the car a final shot and make a decision.

Does the buyer negotiate?: An aggressive buyer who is truly interested in buying your car would try to bring down the price. Buyers who try to persuade over the phone may not be that serious after all. So once you have filtered out the list of buyers, now you can negotiate your terms with them and settle for the best offer.

If you can’t find a buyer or do not have time to sell your car in Dubai, UAE. Be sure to check out these handy seller guides and don’t forget that you can avoid a lot of hassles if you use CarSwitch.com to sell your car in Dubai, UAE!