Bugatti Centodieci Is a Tribute to EB110 SS!

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Bugatti Centodieci is a tribute to EB110 sell any car in Dubai
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Great news for those who would sell any car in Dubai to buy a Bugatti! Bugatti has unveiled Bugatti Centodieci as a tribute to one of the greatest supercars of all time – the EB110 SS. This new Bugatti is so sizzling hot that you won’t be able to resist it. tells you all you need to know about this stunner.

Celebrating its 110th anniversary, Bugatti unveiled it last week at the Quail gathering at the Monterey, CA along with Bugatti La Voiture Noire.The name of the car, Centodieci, means one hundred and ten in Italian, and why not? After all, that’s why it was introduced. 

The designers for this car deserve a standing ovation, seeing that they did a marvelous job at giving it a classic ED110 look without replicating it completely. The Bugatti Centodieci is based on Chiron and is decorated with a lavish white coat of paint. 

The Centodieci has a smaller horseshoe grille than the rest of the recent Bugatti. Moreover, taking inspiration from EB110, the rear wing can be mechanically adjusted as well. Another impressive feature is the transparent glass surface over the engine. 

However, it won’t possess the power of the great 3.5L V12 quad turbo with 550hp. Disappointing, right? Well, don’t be. It takes it power from a feisty 8.0L W16 which has a colossal output of 1,600 hp. More excitingly, it comes with four turbochargers to make car enthusiasts swoon over it.

One of the major changes from the EB110 in this new car is that it will have flying taillights elements instead of the ancient pill-shaped taillights. These tail lights will be brimming with LED graphics on two tiers. Furthermore, the matte black tail pipes will be stacked over each other with a diffuser in the middle making the rear look fierce. It will be a sight worth seeing at Bugatti’s Showroom in Dubai

We’re sure that you will sell any car in Dubai to buy this one. Unfortunately, there are only 10 units produced and guess what? They are already sold! The deliveries will start from 2022 and these will cost around $10 million. So, unless you see it listed on, your chances of buying this outclass supercar are pretty slim!

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