Bad Driving Techniques to Avoid in Dubai

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Bad Driving Techniques to Avoid in Dubai
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Be it a veteran driver or a novice, these mistakes on the road are never appreciated. So if you too are buying a car in Dubai,UAE to start driving or are already driving for years, just make sure you do not commit these heinous crimes against other road warriors . Or in less dramatic terms maybe just avoid these simple mistakes.

Driving under the influence: This is by far the most dangerous situation you can put yourself and other drivers in. Driving a car on the road requires attention and discernment and a driver who is under the influence of substances that can make his or her senses foggy is not qualified to take up the wheel. So be very cognizant of the safety of everyone and drive responsibly. Dubai, UAE has a zero tolerance policy towards driving while under the influence and punishment includes imprisonment and a minimum fine of AED 20,000.

Overspeeding: Who doesn’t like to hit the accelerator and enjoy top speed of their sports or luxury car, but urban road settings require certain speed limits to be respected and it is imperative for all drivers to follow the law and not overspeed beyond the designated limits.

Using Phone: Using your smartphone whilst driving is not smart from any angle. Most accidents are recorded because of distracted driving. Be it a text, phone call or email just put the phone away and know that it doesn’t belong in the driver’s hand when they are at the wheel.

Tailgating: It is important to keep safe distance between other cars and your own car while driving simply because an unexpected event may require the abrupt application of brakes and thus to avoid collision your car must be at a safe distance. In Dubai, UAE you will be fined AED 500 if you tailgate and don’t maintain the required distance between vehicles.

Passive Aggressive: No one needs more sound pollution on this planet. So if you are stuck in traffic then know the person ahead of you is in the same shoes, so honking is never the solution. So respect other people’s space and show some patience because passive aggressive behaviour like hand gestures, cutting off others and verbosity are the least appreciated behaviors on the road.

Ignoring weather conditions: It is not often that Dubai is taken over by a sandstorm, but when it does it is important to know how to drive under those weather conditions. Driving slow, avoiding abrupt braking and keeping fog lights on are only a few measures that should be taken when driving in conditions that impair visibility.

These mistakes are not just a warning for you to be careful or the road, but are equally a warning for your pocket. These costly mistakes that drivers in Dubai make can be critical for both your bank and driving record. So make sure to put safety first and then enjoy your drive.