Adopt these Driving Habits to Become an Expert

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More often than not, the differences between an expert driver and a beginner are small, but still noticeable. Due to the gained experience of an expert, he treats and rides a vehicle differently. The beginners usually do not understand what an expert driver is doing initially but when they gain experience themselves, they sure start to get them. 

In this article, we have mentioned 10 driving habits which set professional drivers apart from beginners. To sell any car in Dubai, visit the CarSwitch website. 

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Using high-beams only when needed

Majority of drivers use high-beams as it boosts visibility. But they are unaware of the fact that this bright light can blind the oncoming cars which is very dangerous for them both. However, an expert driver knows this point which is why he would shift to low beams when he sees a car coming from the opposite direction. 

Not riding the clutch

Riding the clutch refers to keeping the foot on the clutch pedal during driving. A clutch should be fully disengaged or completely pressed. If you ride the clutch, both the gearbox and clutch are negatively impacted. 

Beginners usually utilize the clutch as a footrest which is an extremely wrong habit. A few automotive manufacturers provide a special dead pedal for the left foot to rest on. Moreover, some aftermarket choices are also available in case the vehicle does not offer a dead pedal.

Braking gradually

An expert driver will always brakes gradually. Forcing the brakes to stop the car at the last minute results in extra wear and tear. In case you see a traffic light in front of you which is going to turn red soon, an expert driver would stop accelerating and start to apply brakes gradually. This habit also boosts the lifespan of the brake pads. 

Always rely on rearview mirrors

An expert driver would always keep checking his surroundings as it is good to be aware of what the other drivers are doing and their location. Moreover, he would adjust the mirrors according to him. 

But instead of adopting this habit, most drivers close the external rearview mirrors as they fear a car will hit them and it would need costly repair. 

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Not utilizing gear level as an armrest

Most drivers have a habit of placing their hands on the gear level during driving. When you constantly apply force on the gear level, the transmission will be harmed in the long run. Moreover, an expert driver keeps his hands on the steering wheel in order to achieve complete control of the steering wheel. You should only keep your hand on the gear level during a change of gear and then place a hand on the steering wheel. 

Allow the engine to warm up and cool down

An expert driver doesn’t rev the engine aggressively and he keeps the RPMs under 2,000 when he cold starts the car. Always allow the engine to reach optimum temperature because before starting the vehicle, engine oil gets settled and the engine is cold. 

The oil requires time to heat up and lubricate the engine. If your engine is a turbo, allow it to cool down prior to parking. This can be done by keeping the RPMs low when the destination is near. 

Do not unnecessarily rev the engine

An expert is aware of his vehicle and won’t rev the engine unnecessarily. When the engine is on high revs, pressure is applied on it and more fuel is burned. Unnecessarily revving the engine also decreases the lifespan of the engine parts.

Not using the fast lane of highway

The right lane of the highway is for overtaking but most drivers do not follow the regulations and they pick any lane on their own speed. This habit will make the driver from behind irritated. So, if you are at a constant speed, pick the middle lane and obey the speed limits.

Know your vehicle

An expert driver knows the dimensions of his car. He knows if it can fit in parking or if it’ll scrape the underbelly during a big speed breaker. He is aware of the function of all controls and what the warning light refers to. Moreover, an expert knows how to fix a puncture. 

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