Abu Dhabi Will Resume Paid Parking from July

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The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) recently announced that drivers in Abu Dhabi will have to pay for parking from July 1. CarSwitch.com, an online marketplace for used cars in Abu Dhabi, did some research to share the details with you.

According to the statement by the transport sector regulator the parking fee will be implemented from Wednesday, July 1st, 8 am onwards.

For three months, parking fees in the emirates had been suspended. This was done for financial support in the time of the pandemic.

The ITC also emphasized that the drivers can pay their fees using Mawakif mobile services which are available via SMS on 3009 and through the Darb application.

How to pay the parking fees

When sending an SMS, the format that had to be followed in the past includes city code, plate category of the car, space, then vehicle plate number, space, followed by a choice of your premium or standard parking. The SMS will be charged by the tariff of your mobile service providers.

The drivers can also pay through rechargeable cards or cash. The ITC also mentioned that all payment machines will be sanitized every day to ascertain residents’ safety.

What are the rates and timings?

There are two kinds of public parking bays and both are paid from 8 AM to 11:59 PM from Saturdays to Thursdays. Premium parking is done in the blue and white bays that charges AED 3 for a maximum of 4 hours. The standard parking is charged at AED 2 per hour for a maximum of AED 15.

Public parking is free on official holidays and Fridays and for individuals with disabilities. Additionally, for parking spaces in proximity to mosques, there will be no charge for 45 minutes after the call to prayer.

Parking permits of residential areas

A regulation that will be continued, like it had even while parking charges were suspended, is the implementation of residential parking slots. Car drivers with residential permits for specific neighbourhoods can apply for an annual permit to avoid paying any additional fees only for that area.The permit is available at www.itc.gov.ae as well as the ITC Customer Happiness Centres.

The ITC also stressed that when motorists park they should always avoid blocking traffic and double parking and follow all the other Mawaqif rules.
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