Wacky or wonderful? 5 car concepts from the future!

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Dubai used car
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Unlike a Dubai used car, a concept car is a prototype of a vehicle that has never been made, and is used to showcase new technology. By virtue of their radical designs, they are introduced to test the customer’s reaction to them and may be a hit or miss. Here are Carswitch.com’s five most weird, wacky and wonderful car concepts!

  1. Mercedes Benz F0 15

Dubai used car

This is probably the most hyped up Mercedes concept of all time! The idea behind it is actually remarkable; imagine stepping into a car that looks like a mini office and is relaxing and does your bidding in the most enhanced user way possible. The concept also throws in an option of autonomous driving for good measure in case you don’t want to drive and simply relax! Granted it’s bit of an odd looker, but we can let that go in exchange of the crazy cool features!

Dubai used car

So, what’s the verdict Dubai used car owners? Wacky or wonderful. I think we’ll have to give reward this one with wonderful certificate. Not having to drive, and getting pampered as well! Who doesn’t want that?!

  1. Ferrari Millenio

Dubai used car

Concept cars do pave the way for new innovations in design and technology, but offer little in the department of performance upgrades. The case is different with Ferrari Millenio, however. It is built to feature what a next generation Ferrari supercar has the capacity to offer. The company has used buckypaper which is stronger and lighter than carbon fibre. Also, the car looks gorgeous as well! You’ll probably see something like EV hit the market when oil sources are exhausted.

So, wacky or wonderful? With a supercar made by Ferrari, it can only be wonderful!

  1. Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion

Dubai used car

Talking about extra flamboyance, here’s I.D vizzion. Honestly, why have standard wheels when you can shroud them in metal armour instead? And that dashboard and front row controls? Yes, we’ would like to do away with those please. This is what Volkswagen I. D. Vizzion new design looks like as they take “minimalistic” to a whole new level. The autonomous car has fully done away with steering wheels or any other regular controls, even the driver seat. The car features fully electric autonomous technology with voice controls and Artificial Intelligence!

We might have to award the Vizzion with the Wacky star. Uhh.. with too much wasted space, lack of practicality and a synthetic carpet for interior, this one would be a hard pass!

  1. Rinspeed sQuba

Dubai used car

Lo and behold a car that can “fly” underwater”! The sQuba  car is a concept that is developed by the swiss company Rinspeed and it is the first car that can travel on both land and water. Talk about taking the phrase “multi-purpose” to the next level! The SQuba floats on the water as you dive into the car and the press of a button transforms the electric vehicle into a buoyant squba. But, beware of the sharks, though!

We are not sure on the wacky or wonderful score, but it’s a 50 50. It’s an utterly wonderful toy and nothing else like it when it’s in the water. But is a one-tonne chunk of metal really sea worthy? You decide!

  1. Ferruccio Lamborghini

Dubai used car

Dubai used car owners and car enthusiasts can hold their breaths for the most extreme version of the Lamborghini supercar yet! Ferruccio was named after the company’s founder and it is the most peculiar concept the Italian supercar maker has made so far. The design features the most bizarre and intense patterns. The exterior is angular and sharp, reminiscent of a transformers tentacle with tons of mechanical creases and angles! The fighter jet looking car is designed to have a 5.0 litre, twin turbocharged V12.

We’ll leave this to the car enthusiasts and Dubai used car owners to decide on the wacky and wonderful score of this “carpedo”! But we have more great futuristic car concepts you can check out as well!

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