Types of Transmissions

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When upgrading to a new car, it’s important to know what type of transmission you should go for. Transmission transmits the power generated by your vehicle’s engine to axles, which give power to the wheels. There are various types of transmissions and here is some information about them that might come in handy when you buy a car in Dubai.

Manual Transmission

The manual transmission is also sometimes referred to as a “standard transmission”  and a “stick shift”. It is the oldest type of transmission that’s still being used today and uses the clutch to manage torque transfer from the powertrain to the transmission. A foot pedal or hand lever is used to engage or disengage the clutch. From the point of view of mechanics, the manual transmission is the simplest, and that’s also why they are the most durable. 

Since the stick shift is simpler, it usually doesn’t require expensive repairs and if a problem comes up, it’s usually easy to fix. It’s slowly disappearing in some countries. 

Automatic Transmission

In developed countries, automatic transmission is the most popular transmission currently. It utilizes a torque converter to transfer the rotation energy of the engine and the vehicle’s computer control the gear shifts and accomplish them with a series of brakes and clutches and a planetary gear set. The driver just has to choose from the  P-R-N-D-L  selections on the gear selector and that’s why it’s easier to drive such cars. The automatic transmission can change gear ratios automatically as the car moves, so the driver doesn’t have to worry about shifting gears physically. 

However, the driving simplicity is achieved at the cost of mechanical complexity. As a result, automatic transmissions are more expensive to repair.

Modern cars with automatic transmission are slowly catching up with their manual counterparts on the performance and fuel economy front. 

Automated-Manual Transmission

Also known as a semi-automatic transmission, it’s a kind of automatic transmission which uses a clutch and gear configuration, but pairs that with sensors, processors, pneumatics, and actuators to simulate manual gear utilization. Although engine performance is somewhat jerky at low speeds, these types of cars offer high fuel mileage over long distances. 

The CVT – Continuously Variable Transmission

The continuously variable transmission (CVT) or shiftless transmission is basically a version of the automatic transmission. It can change seamlessly through a continuous range of ratios. CVT doesn’t even have gears and it is based on a system of belts and pulleys that outputs an infinite range of ratios. This system allows for continuous acceleration and maximum efficiency. As a result, fuel economy is also impressive. 

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