Simple Tricks to Stay Cool in a Dubai Used Car

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Simple tricks to cool you down while driving in your used car in Dubai!
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We all know how unbearable the hot sweltering weather in Dubai can be if you don’t have any means of staying cool. Forget walking on the streets, even getting into your used car in Dubai that’s parked in the sun can be difficult., an online marketplace for buying and selling certified used cars, presents four useful tips that can help you stay cool. 

1. Use a frozen water bottle as a cooling pad

Place a water bottle into the freezer with soaked towels wrapped around it. This will speed up the freezing process and save you much time. The water bottle can serve as a cooling pad for your body. Put it on pulse points such as your wrists or the back of your neck to bring down your body temperature. 

2. Keep a mist spray bottle with you

A mist spray bottle filled with cooling liquid or cold water can come in handy when you have to deal with burning steering wheels, gear sticks, seat belts etc. A cool spray can make touching them much more bearable. Not just that, you can spray it on yourself to lower your body temperature if you’re feeling too hot. 

3. Choose lightweight and light colored clothes

Clothes of lighter shades do not absorb too much heat and can keep you cooler in the scorching heat of Dubai. Similarly, lightweight clothes or breathable fabrics make it easier for the air to get through and do not make you feel excessively hot. Make sure that you choose light colors and breathable fabrics.

4. Park in a shaded area  

If you park your car in the wrong place at the wrong time for just long enough, you will have a small enclosed oven waiting for you when you come back. To avoid this, try to park your car under a shade. Trees can also act as shade for cars. Moreover, if it is a safe area, leave your windows down by half an inch to increase ventilation. Additionally, choosing a color that keeps your car cool when buying a car can be a good preventative measure as well.

We hope that these cool hacks will keep you cool while travelling in your used car in Dubai. If you’re looking to buy a car, provides you with hundreds of pre-owned and certified cars. Just start shopping!

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