Top 5 tips to protect your car’s convertible top

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Investing in a convertible car for sale in Abu Dhabi will provide you with one of the finer experiences in life. Could there be anything better than feeling the wind whipping through your hair as you cruise down the highway? However, unlike sedans or coupes, convertibles require special care as their tops are made with delicate materials. The experts at CarSwitch will take you through all the simple steps that can help you keep your convertible in good condition for many years.

1. Recognise the material of your convertible’s top

No matter what type of convertible you drive, chances are it’s top has more or less the same structure. Typically, this consists of a durable, waterproof top that is secured by a metal frame and clips. Two of the most commonly used materials are fabric and vinyl. Once you have established which one you have on your hands, be sure to understand the care requirements for it.

2. Buy the right cleaning tools

Most convertible cars should be fine with everyday car wash materials; however, some special care is required. Don’t wash your convertible top with harsh cleaning solutions such as bleach, wax or ammonia as this could cause considerable damage. To be safe, conduct a test trial on a small spot before using any new cleaning solution on a wide scale.

3. Perfect your cleaning techniques

While convertible tops are not too fragile, they do need a certain degree of care. It is best to opt for a manual hand wash over a car wash. However, if circumstances make a car wash necessary then be sure to steer clear of the high-pressure variety. 

4. Follow these tips to clean 

It is important to clean the convertible’s top according to the material it is made out of. For a fabric top, only spot clean with regular soap that you usually use. And use a hard-bristle brush to wipe the dirt away and then just rinse it down with water. Harder stains can be removed with a commercially available fabric-top cleaner. However, it is best to steer clear of harsh solutions or cleaners containing oil because it tends to leave permanent marks on the top.

On the other hand, for Vinyl tops, you will have a much simpler time. You can use a regular car wash or cleaner because it reacts quite well to its resilient surface top. However, only wipe away with a soft cloth for cleaning. Remember, for vinyl, do not use hard-bristle brushes because it will weaken the shine of the top.

5. Protect your convertible’s top from ultra-violet (UV) radiation

There are different precautions you can take to protect fabric and vinyl tops from UV radiation. For the former, use the specially-designed water-repellent solutions after cleaning. For the latter, after cleaning, use a liquid treatment on the surface top.

A little care goes a long way! Like all objects, your convertible’s top also needs some protection. Exposed to the gruelling weather, be it dust, rain or heat, your convertible’s top has a lot to put up with. Through, you can buy cars for sale in pristine condition at reasonable prices. Start shopping!

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