5 Tips on How to Keep Your Car Pet-Friendly!

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It’s easy to stuff your pet in the backseat of your car whenever you are travelling. That may not be such a bad idea for short trips to the market but otherwise it is inadvisable. You must ensure the safety and comfort of everyone – humans and pets included. A car wrecked by a pet will not only make it messy but in the long run, reduce it’s resale value in case you are thinking of selling car! Here are CarSwitch.com’s tips to make your car pet-friendly!

  1. Invest in a restrained pet-carrier

According to the UAE seatbelt law, you can’t travel without a safety belt. Yet, you allow your dog to travel unrestrained? If you own a smaller pet, a carrier is more feasible as it is difficult to harness small animals. Ensure that the carrier you are placing your pet in is large enough for the pet to sit and lie down and is well-ventilated. A carrier can be secured with a backseat seat belt. In addition, try not to place the carrier in the trunk as it can get hot and humid there.

  1. Get a pet seat

It is used for small to medium dogs and mostly comes with a harness. All you need to do is to dress your pet in a harness and secure the harness to the seat buckle. Pet seats come with added heights so that your pet can enjoy different sights as you go.

  1. Air-conditioning

Before journeying with your pet, ensure that your air-conditioning system is working properly, otherwise you and your pet might be in for a “ruff” day, especially of it’s sunny. Putting a pet in the trunk is inhumane as it is not only dark and dingy, but it can also get very sweltering down there. Trunks barely come with sufficient ventilation.

  1. Get seat covers

If your pet is hairy and prone to shedding, get cover seats. A hammock or a seat cover will prevent the ordeal of cleaning out the fur every time you travel. What if one of your allergy-bearing friends is visiting you? Or what if you plan on selling car in future. Having a fur-ridden car is not good for either situation. Seat covers can be washed after use and a hammock is more functional as it not only covers the seats but also the space between the sheets.

  1. Get a pet bag

A pet bag allows you to carry stuff like water, leashes, pet food and waste bags. Having a bag will ensure that you don’t forget anything. Put the pet bag in a position where it won’t fall to the ground or get squashed! A pet bag ensures that your car remains clean!

So, there you go. Here’s how you can keep your car “pet-friendly”! For more car tips, reviews and news, check out CarSwitch.com, a platform for buying a Dubai used car or selling car! We provide a hassle-free buying and selling experience! Happy switching!