6 Things Every 20-Something Should Know about a Car!

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Once you hit your twenties, you are now officially a “real adult”. You may have racked up a brain full of knowledge and experience, but do you have any car knowledge? CarSwitch.com has rounded up a list of 10 things that every 20-something must know about car maintenance, selling car and everyday driving!

  1. Learn to fix a tire

If you have a car, it is inevitable that it might need fixing. Make sure that you know where your tool kit is located, where the jack points are and how to tighten the lug nuts. These words might sound like car jargon, but it is important to understand them to get started on mandatory car fixing.

  1. How to check tire pressure

Driving with over or under-inflated tires may cause dangerous car hazards. Invest in a tire-pressure gauge, press the inflation nipple and read the pressure. In addition, every car has a warning inside the rear door that lists the optimum pressure for every car that lists the optimum pressure for the front tires and back tires. This is a great way to save fuel economy too!

  1. Keep a maintenance check on your car

How often did you get your oil changed? When did you replace the coolant? Or the air filter cabin? Keep a maintenance logbook for your car every time you perform maintenance.

On a side note, one of the top things that increase the resale value of your car is keeping a strict maintenance schedule and keeping all service records. These records, in addition to the inspection reports, make selling car much easier and smoother.

  1. How to check engine oil

Changing the engine oil is relatively easy to do, but let’s focus on checking first. Once you locate the dipstick on your engine oil, pull it out, wipe the oil and push it back in. Pull it out once again and then check how far up the oil runs up the dipstick.

  1. Learn to check fluid levels

Cars need fluids to get up and running. Radiators need their coolant, the windscreen spray systems need their liquid and brakes and transmission need their fluid. Refer to the manual for the proper filling locations.

  1. How to maintain traction in extreme weather

If the weather is unpleasant, keep a light pedal on the foot. Jerky accelerations can cause one to lose control. If you are driving with a manual transmission, make sure to choose higher gears to minimize wheel slip.

Learning a few things about car care and maintenance may also be a small step towards independence. It is something that all 20-somethings should strive for!

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