The Trial Run for Driverless Vehicles Will Begin on Dubai Roads Soon!

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You might soon spot driverless cars on the road while driving your Dubai car! The trial run for driverless cars is set to begin soon and the RTA has revealed a set of rules and regulations for it. CarSwitch has put together the details. 

RTA is responsible for overseeing the environment

The Resolution of the Executive Council Regulating Test Runs of Autonomous Vehicles in Dubai has tasked the RTA with implementing various tasks:

  1. Checking, reviewing and auditing the safety and technical standards set up by the manufacturers and vehicle dealers.
  2. Set certain parameters and standards for the roads and the area where the trial run is set to be.
  3. Managing the logistics and infrastructure of the trial run.
  4. Authorizing those vehicles that successfully complete the trial run.

The legislation tasks other entities as well such as the Dubai Police and Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services. The two forces will also be managing the assessment of the trial run in coordination with the RTA.

First and foremost is the importance of a comprehensive and complete insurance plan for autonomous vehicles. The policy that would be valid throughout the testing period will be a safety net against accidents and will ensure civil responsibility.

The purpose of these rules is to make sure that the companies responsible for automotive technology follow the regulations. 

According to Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan, CEO of the RTA’s Public Transport Agency and Chairperson of the Smart and Sustainable Transport Committee, since the vision of Dubai Smart Mobility anticipates 25% of total mobility transformed into autonomous transport, these rules will help make the transformation easier.

He also added, “The underlying objective of the strategy is to reduce the cost of transport, carbon emissions, and accidents besides saving hundreds of million hours wasted in driving conventional vehicles.”


The legislation allows RTA to take measures if the auto dealers fail to follow any of the standard protocols. Penalties include suspension of the trial, cancelling the permit or the contract, and a written notice. 

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