The Best EV of 2021

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If any manufacturer wished to transform EV skeptics into EV fans, no other vehicle would be better than the Ford Mustang Mach-E. Wearing the same loved dimensions of the crossovers, the car boasts a competitive price and a stare-worthy exterior. It easily shuts up the criticism by its impressive charging speed and range. 

Moreover, long road trips are now possible due to nationwide charging networks by Electrify America. Driving this EV is quite familiar to driving an SUV. It can convert any EV skeptics in the transition age from niche to EVs. If you want to buy used cars don’t hesitate to visit the CarSwitch website. 

Yes, electric vehicles serve an eco-friendly purpose but the Mustang proves that driving EVs is fun just like you enjoy the gas counterparts. The EV sits at the balance between practical and adventurous which is often experienced in a Mazda model. Even if you use this car for your family duties and doing chores, you will be thrilled. 

It’s impossible to attack roads with a Mustang because instead, it discovers flow in a flawless rise of torque as the driver shifts between fast acceleration and accurate regenerative braking with 1-pedal driving. This beast offers 346 ponies and is an all-wheel drive that reaches 60 mph in 4.9 seconds. It’s extra phenomenal to drive the Mustang in the city and flash through other cars. 

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The drama factor is highlighted by the synthetic soundtrack of the big engine sound. This beautiful audio is similar to a combustion engine but still sounds futuristic. The manufacturer has nailed the job of deciding how an EV should sound like.

As opposed to other gas engines and heavy rivals, Mustang is neutral if you boost the speed in corners and its fast steering is a cherry on top. With a 88 kWh battery pack, the body remains stable and passengers don’t budge when the vehicle swings erratically. The EV bounces in a way similar to other Mustangs. 

On the inside, there is active noise cancellation and the seats are highly comfortable. The driver sits at a high vantage with legs stretching forward easily. As for the rear seats, they are given sufficient space too. Even the cargo area is roomy despite the fastback roofline. 

The Mach-E seems to have borrowed some ideas from Tesla such as a vertical center display, panoramic fixed glass roof, and unusual door handles. But even with the borrowing, Ford was successful in adding its own touch and made the interior look fresh. In the driver’s visibility, a simple instrument cluster is offered. The most attractive cabin feature is the 15.5 inches touchscreen having large virtual buttons and a nicely laid interface. 

But even with so many features, it wouldn’t be impressive if the range was not long. But the EPA revealed that the automaker offers 270 miles on a full charge. The reason why Ford killed it with the Mach-E Mustang is that the EV is so much more desirable than the conventional countertops. 

This factor is crucial to making the industry go forward. The Mach-E is so capable that it competes head-on with Tesla when it comes to performance, fun drive, style, cost, and range. As compared to the earliest electric vehicles which were incompetent, small, slow, had short-range, expensive, and inferior features, Ford with this EV has proven that things are different with this car segment. 

Moreover, the EV boasts the driving dynamics and class to force people to purchase. The only bad thing about the car is how it is named. When you hear the name Mach-E, you will envision a noisy and robust machine that makes the driver get chills. 

But unlike its inappropriate to name, Ford presented a very unique vehicle. Mach-E is calm and smooth, having generous space for 4 passengers, quiet yet powerful competence, and an interior that looks luxurious. 

The successful manufacturer Ford made a comparatively affordable electric vehicle with a long-range and all the good stuff. With this car, the automaker has triggered a pivotal moment because both fans and other buyers are amazed by this model. Even if you do not want to call it a Mach-E Mustang, you can call it the EV of the year. 

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