SUV or Sedan? How to Make an Informed Decision When Buying a Car in Dubai

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SUV or Sedan, used car in Dubai
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Are you planning on buying a new or used car in Dubai? Chances are you debated whether to buy a SUV or a sedan. The decision depends on many factors such as your lifestyle, priorities, personal tastes and of course car prices in the UAE. The debate is an ongoing battle in the minds of car buyers, but don’t worry, can break down the debate for you and hopefully make this choice a bit easier!

Does car size matter to you?

When comparing both body types in terms of size, SUV is the clear winner. A full size SUV can seat about 9 people whereas a Sedan can seat up to 5 (though the Tesla S sedan is one exception that can seat 7!). Are you a road trip kind of a person? Are you the person who is always giving people rides ? Do you plan on having a big family in the future? So, keeping in mind your lifestyle, along with any potential changes in the near future, if you want roomy interiors and good cargo space, an SUV might be the right fit for you.

Fuel efficiency

Spending too much money on gas is also something that many people look to avoid, so if you are looking for a more fuel efficient car, sedans generally have much better mileage overall. Even though, over the years SUVs have gotten much more fuel efficient but sedans typically still have better mileage. It could be more costly to own a SUV and especially if the gas prices were to hike, as they have recently in the UAE.

Are you looking for comfort and safety?

It’s safe to say that safety is a deal breaker for everyone. There is no one type of car that is better than the other as both types come with premium quality interiors and safety features. Deciding which is safer is a bit more tricky, though. Generally, driving in the city is much more easier than off the road due to centre of gravity and low ground clearance. If you mainly have to drive off the main roads in sketchy weather, then SUVs might be a better fit for you. If you are looking for a weather resistant SUV, then GMC just revealed its 2019 Sierra Denali! SUVs have better visibility due to the higher positioned seats that help judge curves. SUVs also have better traction than sedans, though, sedans with their smaller size are easier to maneuver than SUV’s.


Maybe the last thing you need to consider when buying an SUV is aesthetic appeal, which depends on personal taste! Where sedans have a generally smoother, more aerodynamic appeal, SUVs are more bold, undaunted and stylish! If you want something soft and subtle that doesn’t draw a lot to itself, go with a sedan, but if you want a “statement car”, than you might be wooed by a SUV. Check out these 5 SUVs available on that might be a great fit for you! On the flipside, this high-performance Cadillac XT5 2018 is defined by not just luxury, but also performance and comfort!

Everyone who buys a new or used car in Dubai has a different perspective in mind. For some people, aesthetics matter more than practicality, whereas others want one for the long haul. In any case, can help you make the right decision! We provide a transparent buying and selling experience!