With over $2 Billion in Funding, This Is the Hottest Car Sales Business Model Globally

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New business model for selling your used car in Dubai
Use Carswitch’s #1 rated service to buy or sell used cars in UAE

Selling your used car is undoubtedly a painful process. From endless phone calls to long lines of hagglers, sellers have to face multiple hassles. To avoid the pain, they often opt for outlets that offer only 70-80% of the real car value but in instant cash. This approach results in a hefty loss, yet it’s still worth it for so many. That’s why a new business model has emerged to overcome bottlenecks in the car selling process and is taking off globally! It’s fueled with over $2 billion in funding across Gauzi and Renrenche in China, Shift in the U.S., Droom & truebill in India, CarSwitch in the UAE and many more.  

How it works: Let’s dive deep into our very own Dubai based CarSwitch.com. From a seller’s perspective, you set the price but CarSwitch does all the work to try and sell it! So,

  • A CarSwitch certified inspector visits the seller wherever they are to take photographs of the car, conducts a 200 point inspection, and adds a warranty to further increase value
  • CarSwitch advertises your specific car across a host of websites and social media channels (so its pushed to potential buyers based on their historical behavior)
  • CarSwitch handles all the inquiries (filtering phone calls and screening buyers for eligibility and seriousness)
  • CarSwitch brings pre-filtered buyers to the seller (wherever you are) for a test drive (buyers see the inspection report online before this, so it rarely takes more than 2 test drives to close it!)
  • If all goes well, CarSwitch assists and guides you through all the paperwork to transfer ownership so you remain safe and sound

Instead of the convenience costing you 20-30% of the value of the car, it’s only AED 2,000 – 3,000 and 90% of the fee is success based! So if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t cost you anything. Buyers see every detail of your car online so they don’t waste your time with unproductive visits and have full peace of mind around the purchase which ultimately improves the value sellers can get. It’s the new age of car selling, where you sit back with your app and let CarSwitch do the work!