Seizing the Saudi Arabian Market, OMODA/JAECOO Is Conducting Investment Promotion Activities in Full Swing

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On March 30, Chery International carried out in-depth exchanges and interactions with Saudi Arabian media outlets via live-streaming link event. During the live-streaming link event, Chery International not only introduced the enterprise strength of Chery Group, but also focused on two young and fashionable brands, OMODA and JAECOO. Chery International also indicated that Saudi Arabia will be the first step for OMODA/JAECOO to implement the “Gulf Strategy”. In the future, the annual sales volume in the Saudi market is expected to reach 70,000 units, with a market share of more than 10%.

Targeting at the trend of younger global consumer groups, Chery has proactively launched two new brands, OMODA and JAECOO. Specifically, the name of OMODA originated from “Modern” which means the modern lifestyle and represents the understanding and expectation on the future technological trend from the consumers who are different and stylish.

As the fist model of OMODA brand, OMODA C5 adopts the design concept of “Art in Motion” for the first time, so as to explore more expansion and balance between motion and stillness, providing young people with a more free and fashionable travel space independent of the real world. Therefore, the design inspiration of “light and shadow” for OMODA is generated. Therefore, by force of its style of the “integrated shining grille” front face and a diamond cut geometric matrix, X-through LED tail lamps, as well as a sporty sense brought by the combination of a sliding back shape with a suspended roof and 18-inch blade hubs, OMODA demonstrates that it fully meets the aesthetic interests of the new generation of people.

In terms of the interior trim of OMODA C5, with its futuristic smart cabin and technology configuration, it seems like you are in a 2D parallel universe. Particularly, OMODA C5 integrates a dual 10.25 inch central control large screen, which can not only interact with the instrument screen information, but also connect to mobile phones wirelessly. In addition, the new model also supports offline voice control, which can easily identify and respond to commands such as air conditioning, making phone calls, and opening and closing windows/skylights.

With regards to powertrain, OMODA C5 is equipped with the 1.6TGDI engine, the first star engine of the independently developed third generation ACTECO series engine, bringing a maximum power of 145kW and a peak torque of 290N M, far surpassing competitors with the same displacement. Furthermore, it is matched with 7DCT dual clutch transmission from Getrag, the world’s largest transmission manufacturer. With such efficient power, it can achieve the 0-100km acceleration of 7.8s. Additionally, OMODA C5 has also launched a 1.5T+9CVT power version, fully meeting the needs of different users.

Notably, OMODA C5 is equipped with the latest generation of ADAS system, which boasts 13 intelligent driving assistance functions, such as LKA, LDW, BSD, AEB, ACC, ISA, and RCTA. With the support of these intelligent assistance functions, it not only allows novices to drive easily in the congested streets of Saudi Arabia, but also comprehensively improve the safety performance of vehicles.

Apart from OMODA, there is another new brand called JAECOO. This is a brand created for those urban elites who are experienced, focused, passionate, and constantly pursuing their lives. The first batch of products will be J5, J7, and J9 models, which will be introduced into the Saudi market in succession.

The Middle East region is a particularly essential strategic market for OMODA and JAECOO brand, while Saudi Arabia is the gateway to comprehensively boosting its “Gulf Strategy”. In the face of the wealthy Saudi market, OMODA and JAECOO will endeavor to build a high-end luxury brand tone locally, and plan to implement a “three-step strategy” based on Saudi Arabia. It is expected that by 2027, Chery will have established more than 100 sales stores online of this market, with an annual sales volume of 50,000 units and a market share of over 7%.

O&J also stated via live-streaming event that the investment promotion is in full swing. O&J welcomes excellent local dealers to come and negotiate in detail, and sincerely desires to join hands with global partners to provide solutions for high-quality travel methods for mankind.

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