Renewal of Used Car Registration Will Now Be Done Online in Dubai

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Renewal of used car registration will now be done online in Dubai
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If you own a Dubai used car, you will be able to renew your car registration online after July, 22. Announced by Dubai’s Road and Transportation Authority (RTA), this change is a step toward shifting services to smart e-platforms. A total of 8 services have been transferred online so far.

The services which will be available online include the renewal of registration for used cars that need testing, return from tour certificate, registration of first owner certificate, reissuance of lost or damaged ownership certificate, re-insurance certificate, certificate for ownership of vehicle, certificate for clearance and printing of detailed list of registered vehicles.

You will only be able access these service through RTA’s web portal (, Smart Kiosk, call center and Dubai Drive App. Not only will it make the process easier and convenient for customers but it will also lessen the waiting times at RTA’s associated registration and testing centers such as Al Shamil and Tasjeel.

The annual used car tests will still be conducted at the registration and testing centres but the results of those tests will be received online after which the process of registration can be continued online.

The process may take 3-5 days, but meanwhile RTA will provide you with a report that you must keep with you at all times. Also, remember not to confuse this change with the registration of new vehicles which has already been moved online in 2016.

Make sure to renew your registration every year as it can lead to a fine of DH500, four black points and even the confiscation of your vehicle.

The move towards online platforms seems to be a great effort by RTA to revolutionize the renewal processes for Dubai used cars. Similarly, provides a hassle-free buying and selling experience by providing transparent information about pre-inspected vehicles online.