6 Optional Features That You Must Have in Your New or Used Car in Dubai!

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Do you dread the confusion of picking optional featureswhen buying a car for sale in Dubai? Adding extras can lead to a more comfortable ride but with so many options and a limited budget, there is only so much you can get for your new car. To make it easier for you, CarSwitch.com lists the additional extras that are worth it.

Heated/cooled seats - car for sale in Dubai

1. Heated/Cooled Seats

Heated/cooled seats might seem a luxury but they can be extremely useful in extreme weather conditions. Leather seats have the tendency to chill or heat more than usual. These seats can allow drivers to make their drive comfortable even in harsh weather.

Parking sensors - car for sale in Dubai

2. Parking sensors

Most cars come with built- in parking sensors and for your own good but some cars don’t. If your car for sale in Dubai doesn’t have it, this feature should be a priority when shopping for extras  Parking sensors make it easier for you park your car even in a congested parking space. Hence, they can be very useful.

Extended Warranty - car for sale in Dubai

3. Extended Warranty

Whether you drive a new or used car in Dubai, you can never be sure of the damage the car might incur. The risks are higher in a used car which is why CarSwitch.com offers a free 3-month CarSwitch Warranty for buyers. Additionally, you never know when your new car will get into an accident as well. So, an extended warranty is one of the best things you can get for your car.

Cruise Control - car for sale in Dubai

4. Cruise Control

Travelling long distances in the UAE is pretty common and almost all highways have a speed limit. Unless, you’re willing to pay hefty  speeding fines in the UAE, cruise control in one of the must have options. While most cars have an in-built cruise control, some low budget cars might not have it. In that case, paying extra to get this feature in your new car is totally worth it!

5. Panoramic roof

To enjoy road trips in the UAE, this is a great option to spend your money on. Panoramic roof can let passengers have a good look at the sky while driving as well as increase ventilation. That’s not all, panoramic roof makes the cabin look spacious and airy as well especially if you’re claustrophobic. Moreover, it can also act as an emergency exit if you get into an accident.

6.  Bluetooth Connectivity (Apple and Android)

This option will enhance your driving experience while making it easier for you to drive. We’re all aware with the distracted driving fines in the UAE and this can be a great way to avoid that. Through Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily sync your phone with the car and attend calls or navigate without putting yourself and others in danger.

These features can make long hauls safer and enjoyable. Also, these features increase the resale price of your car for sale in Dubai as well as well. However, CarSwitch.com has a range cars available which have these features as standard as well so you can check them out as well.