Dubai, UAE never ceases to amaze people and it has done it again. People looking to buy a used car Dubai might want to consider buying a Nissan Patrol as it has yet again broken another Guinness World Record. gives you all the details in its latest scoop.

180 Nissan Patrol SUVs managed to create a giant falcon, which is the national symbol of the UAE and broke the Guiness Record for the ‘Largest Synchronized Car Dance’ in history previously held by 36 cars.


Held at the Seven Stadiums Dubai, these SUVs went in opposite directions to create a dancing effect to form the shape of flying desert falcon when seen from a birds eye view.

Led by an accomplished Zimbabwean racing driver Axcil Jefferies, it stretched over an amazing 225 meters in length and 176 meters in width and circled over a distance 1,476 meters.

This isn’t the first time Nissan has made an exciting World Record. This is the third world record broken by Nissan Patrol since its launch in 2010. Also, it has been a popular ride among used Nissans for sale.

Its first record was towing a Ilyushin Il-76 cargo plane which weighed over 50m. Its second record was to scale 100-meter sand rise in simply 4.9 seconds.

Nissan has won the hearts of UAE residents over and over again. No wonder, Patrol is among the top used cars Dubai. If you love Nissan, has a variety of Nissan models that you can choose from.